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  1. I don't think that's the problem. Tape is a nice and reliable, so it should be at least as good as copying the data to another drive. The question is, how old are the tape and the drive? Anyway, if it is just one bad block it should not be too bad. Disks with bad blocks are sometimes readable too, with some patience. Try copying the data off the tape with another prog or something.
  2. In our dell GX270's from last year they used Maxtor Diamondmax 8 drives which where slow as hell. In the new batch from this year they used WD's. In my opinion the DM8 drives sucked in both performance and reliability.
  3. Rosse

    Maxtor Maxline 3

    Nice review! Nice Disk! But am I the only one that's waiting for such a disk with SCSI interface? I would like to buil myself a nice 0.5TB storage server, but i don't trust SATA RAID5 controllers. So this disk with SCSI would be heaven for me. Seagate announced the NL35 with FC, so SCSI can't be that hard to slap on a premium 7200tpm disk??