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  1. I would have gone pci-e for sure if wasnt for two reasons:

    1) price, no speedy solution is available in 120gb size

    2) compatibility with lots of mainboards for booting from the pcie card. I had my share of headaches with raid controllers and I wanted some peace of mind that a simple sata3 DISK can offer.

    pci-e and sata are converging for future storage solutions and new standards will be adopted within 2-3 years.

  2. This fall I plan to get a second SSD to store my precious documents, family pictures and work files (+ a game or two if it doesnt comfly fit on the OS ssd -a 128gb m4).

    I'm not sure which parameters are more important for such use, besides reliability.

    I can guess usage will be 80%+ random read, so something between the gaming and the productivity setup in this review (scroll down):

    ATM, I'm debating between another crucial m4, or the new samsung 830.

    Pricing in EU should be about the same for the 256GB size.

    The lower latency of the samsung probably makes it a winner.


  3. Yes, here both are tested; IIRC the Mushkin performs better for my type of use.

    Ah, I remember that test. Yes they are about the same. For some reason i dont remember, i have the patriot noted as (2) while the mushkin as (3) in my shopping list :D The Mushkin seems a little bit better performer, but nothing noticeable i think.

    Checking warranty - Patriot offers 5 years: what about Mushkin?

  4. Well they have a 120GB version in the non-X2 model. I am guessing having a RAID0 of 4 30GB drives wasnt worth it for them.

    They have 100GB X2 non rev3, have had it for a while, and is on my whishlist... but real-world differences do not seem to justify the hassle of installing windows on it. The rev3 X2 instead has a performance gap that could be worth my time :D

    Well, i posted on ocz forums that i want a 120gb version, but i doubt they'll do it.

    I prefer to have physically separate discs/arrays for OS and programs/documents, so it is not just a budget issue.

    Also our Crucial M4 review has been up for a while ;)

    I have missed it: going to check. The M4 and 510 are in my list as well and seem the most bugfree of the current crop.