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  1. Easiest solution: buy a non creative card. Less trouble.
  2. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Seagate FreeAgent Pro - eSATA too slow

    I have a sata/usb combo enclosure fitted with a seagate drive and its performance are like the internal disk i have. I didnt do specific tests but i transfer large files from my scsi array sometimes.
  3. Telstar The Sorcerer

    WD GreenPower 1TB/750GB/500GB/320GB

    I ordered two 1TB units for the HTPC that i'm building. They were on sale at 235 euros which is a low price for such disks in europe, so i took two instead of one. I dont have a hardware sata raid controller unfortunately. I'm gonna use two separate volumes or a raid1 with intel matrix raid (ich8) depending on how much total space i need (i'm still ripping dvds and i'm over 400gb so far)
  4. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Seagate 7200.10 disks with AAK firmware offer low performance

    I have a 500gb aak drive that i use only for backup and i dont see any problem
  5. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Fusion IO

    ...and nobody posted about it here! This american start-up company seems to have an ace under their sleeve. Press releases: Data sheet: TG daily comment (includes two videos): Performance sum-up: STR: 800 MB/s (read) / 600MB/s (write) IOPS: 100,000 In short, the IoDrive has STR like 4 scsi drives in raid0 and IOPS performance like a SSD [Edit, no better the best SSD has under 10,000 IOPS]. For 30$/GB.
  6. Telstar The Sorcerer

    external drives

    Well the mac mini support only FW400. And I wonder why external drives are stuck with FW400. Thanks god there is eSATA now
  7. Telstar The Sorcerer

    read SMART for mau3147 w/2940u2w?

    Nice little app! But It doesnt read the SMART from my maus connected to LSI megaraid 320-E. It says SMART is not enabled. hmmm...
  8. Exactly my thoughts. The 7200.11 should have a firmware optimized for desktop use instead of multiuser applications. Please add review it soon BTW, the SR application suite should be definitely updated with newer program versions. Nobody still uses photoshop 7 For me the GP made the day for the HTPC i'm building. The MTBF doesn't mean anything in the real world. But the 5y warranty is great, expecially considering the excellent Seagate policy (i.e. direct return from anywhere in the world).
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    3.5" SINGLE drives (1TB) - REVIEWS

    Yeahhh! Took popcorns and started reading
  10. Telstar The Sorcerer

    external drives

    Yes it is, but FW800 is still quite uncommon in today motherboards I just have got an eSATA/USB external drive. Will get it hopefully by the end of the week, it comes with an adaptor bracket that uses one sata port of your mainboard. Mine has another brand but the product should be like this:;cm_keycode=67
  11. Telstar The Sorcerer

    NCQ performance on Seagate 1TB 7200.11

    Can you please run some benchmarks with NCQ OFF vs ON on this drive? Multi-user sometimes goes along well with multi-tasking, so i would like a test with a few typical applications running at the same time, like my typical config: outlook, firefox, uTorrent, excel, an antivirus and WMP. It seems a great performer. I'm debating wheater to get the WD greenpower or this. I got tired of waiting for the Samsung F1
  12. Telstar The Sorcerer

    eSATA speed in a PCI slot, not PCI X

    I need to plug it to my main computer only to transfer media onto it. And i will use the bracket. i dont think i have the space to keep the bracket in the computer Then i'll use the USB port to connect it to the HTPC.
  13. Telstar The Sorcerer

    eSATA speed in a PCI slot, not PCI X

    Thanks! I need at least 750MB and the model i found looks similar and i just checked that has the adapter too
  14. Telstar The Sorcerer

    eSATA speed in a PCI slot, not PCI X

    I hope they will make a cable that just plugs into a normal sata port on the mainboard. It should be easy I'm thinking to get a usb/esata unit too and I have to transfer a huge amount of data onto it and i hope to find such cable.
  15. Telstar The Sorcerer

    New HDDs for Personal Computer

    Open computer management\disk management and your disk should be there with a yellow esclamation mark. right click on it and tell windows to "import" the disk.
  16. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Samsung F1 334gb/platter

    It's available in germany (and i guess other countries too). Price is excellent, the 32mb cache version costs still 50-60 euros less than the hitachi. Eagerly awaiting a review!
  17. Telstar The Sorcerer

    New Seagate HDD's

    Years of guarantee? The ES should have 5 years, in that case i'd prefer it.
  18. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Seagate 1tb ES.2 in stock at NewEgg

    Yes, is more expensive even than the hitachi. Also the non enterprise version isnt particularly cheap. Anyway, I am waiting for the samsung
  19. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Recommendations for PCIe 8 port SATA II card

    Areca ARC-1220.
  20. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Samsung F1 334gb/platter

    Interesting the 250 one-platter model too I just wish Samsung makes a 10k drive ASAP, the raptor has become too slow
  21. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Best Raid0 Setup For Gaming?

    Actually no, the system drive should be the fastest, or at least not slower than data drive. Typically you would use a raptor (74 is enough) on sata systems. Making a partition for the OS and one for data is a big no-no instead. I found out that makes sense to have windows AND the programs AND the games on the system drive and that there must be about 40-50% of free space to improve performance.
  22. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Seagate 1tb ES.2 in stock at NewEgg

    Nice! I want a review now ))
  23. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Samsung F1 334gb/platter

    So absolutely nothing new has happened and it continues to be "coming soon", as it has been during the last four months or so... That shop is reliable and I haven't seen it two weeks before, so I guess the wait is not long. <1 month i think.
  24. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Seagate Cheetah 15K.6

  25. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Real gigabit speeds

    I did google that and got NO hits hmm i remember i read something with throttle a week ago. Do you use vista?