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    Need 1TB Disc´s for RAID5 system (8 Channel)?

    Exactly. The bottleneck is not the drive speed in HD streaming but the REAL network speed. iSCSI could help, but i'm not sure how to setup it.
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    Need 1TB Disc´s for RAID5 system (8 Channel)?

    Exactly the table that I remembered but didnt have the link Oh and sorry for the Mbit/MB mistake.
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    Need 1TB Disc´s for RAID5 system (8 Channel)?

    That depends on two things: 1) How many simultaneous recordings are you going to do? 2) Which resolution and format. The bandwith needed tops at around 30MB/s for h.264 (You will probably record mpeg-2, which bandwith is much much lower). In short, even a single WD GreenPower is fast enough for realtime HDTV recording. Get at least a core2, btw. For streaming (i.e read from the server) the bottleneck is the REAL network speed. You need gigabit with jumbo frame and possibly cat6 cables. 3 simultaneous streams of HD content CAN give problems, you need to setup the server to go directly into the switch and from there to each client. 2 simultaneous streams shouldnt be a problem.
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    Need 1TB Disc´s for RAID5 system (8 Channel)?

    For your tasks, you dont have a performance issue. The WD (which IS slower than the seagate btw) will do just fine. Now, for raid setup, only the 7K1000 has been throughly tested in controllers. You should have checked 3ware compatibility list BEFORE buying the drives. About the DOA, sorry to hear this, the 7200.10 have been good for me 5/5 healthy and working for months.
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    Software Raid VS Hardware Raid

    I know what WHS allows, and software raid is not supported at all. Only folder mirroring. Hardware controllers are supported in a transparent way (i.e. WHS must see one disk), software like matrix raid or any onboard chip, is not supported at all. If i use WHS, I'll get a 12 port Areca controller and have my peace of mind. I'm trying to figure the convenience of a cheap software raid solution with *nix and a low-end config. Which software raid would offer all these features?: 1. raid migration from raid5 to raid6 (probably none but worth asking) 2. array expansion (adding disks) 3. a file system better than ext2/3
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    Software Raid VS Hardware Raid

    Exactly. I have been having similar thoughts in mind, but with a higher goal in mind. I will need 4+TB. I find the 5 discs solutions potentially limited. Also, how does exactly iSCSI work? I'm debating if to get a thecus 5200 pro or build my own NAS, but with 9 or 12 bays. Goals: 1) performance (will stream videos) 2) capacity I also came onto FreeBSD (no XFS? sheesh) and with the problems that a software raid would face with more disks that the onboard controller would support Does Opensolaris support XFS and array migration (from raid5 to raid6 and with disk expansion)? This is basically what i'll need. I'd start with 5 disks in raid5 and will move to 8/9 or 12 w/ raid6 Also, i'm considering windows home server as the OS for the extremely easy expansion, but i'm concerned about reliability (no raid)
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    Which Brand of HD?

    I have had good luck with Seagate 7200.10 units. They seem reliable from my POV.
  8. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Best method for mounting hard drives?

    For my HTPC I'm going to install my two GP in the HTPC decoupled with noVibes, but not hardmounted, just laying on a piece of foam.
  9. My opinion is slightly different. IMO Hitachi didnt realize a TB version of their energy saver unit because: A) They dont have mastered the 4x250GB platters mechanics. It would be less efficient than WD GreenPower. They claim to be the most efficient drives, but they are not. The GP are.
  10. Telstar The Sorcerer

    NCQ performance on Seagate 1TB 7200.11

    I strongly disagree with this statement. Multi-user =/ multi-tasking, the latter of which is much more closely represented by the single-user DriveMarks than something that almost artificially keeps concurrency at levels virtually unmaintanable in a non-server environment. OK, you are the expert I used to check workstation IOmeter pattern and trying to project it for an heavy multitasking usage, but it seems i was wrong.
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    Which disk for gaming?

    I would say SSD but their prices dont fit your budget yet. You would need 50+GB, so the 32gb models are too small for gaming.
  12. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Please advise re: necessity of AHCI mode in P35 Build

    AHCI should improve responsiveness when accessing multiple drives. Not sure exactly how to quantify this. Without it is exactly like IDE (considering each disk has its own channel).
  13. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Arrays > 2TB in Server 2003 SBS (trouble!)

    That's a network server? If you dont need to access the array locally, you can go with any linux FS (I highly suggest XFS) and still connect remotely with any windows machine.
  14. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Help! Need advice choosing creative speakers! Thanks!

    Why in hell do you want to buy creative loudspeakers?
  15. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Samsung F series?!

    Still not available (besides ebay parallel channel), no news
  16. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Please advise re: necessity of AHCI mode in P35 Build

    I'm gonna get an asus P5K for my htpc which uses the vanilla ich9. Not sure if to use ahci...
  17. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Cruelty to Hard Drives

    I HATE delivery guys, with all my heart.
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    Seagate FreeAgent Pro - eSATA too slow

    Do you have a Seagate internal drive put in other manufacturer's eSATA/USB combo box? Or still that Seagate's own-assembled box "FreeAgent Pro"? The enclosure is made in china . It's aluminium with passive cooling. I bought it on ebay UK and the seller pre-fitted it with a 750gb seagate (the model w/ 16mb cache). Money well spent.
  19. Telstar The Sorcerer

    WD GreenPower 1TB/750GB/500GB/320GB

    I haven't cared of noise in PCs unitl i decided i wanted to build a HTPC for my living room that nobody has to realize it is a PC I have 15k drives in my two machines and love them The best HDD silencer for HS is the noVibes: Being in germany you can buy directly from them. I got a clone from Vantec. Mount that thing over a layer of foam instead of direct contact with the case and you have total silence. The 500GB GP was double of that price last time i checked! Raid1 is just mirroring, it should be doable with any drive. I got two disks because I need a LOT of space. And I dont want to open the case and mount another HD and probably move some fans because i need more gigabytes. The next step will be a NAS.
  20. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 7

    I just discovered this actually exists and work under Vista, both 32 and 64 bit. The features are superior to the competition (acronis and vista ultimate built-in backup). What's the most useful feature for me is the ability to recover a single file. There is a desktop version going for 69$. What do u guys think? Link:;pvid=1601_1
  21. It is. When my cheetah got poof after 4 years and half of service without any warning sign!
  22. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Seagate FreeAgent Pro - eSATA too slow

    You made me curious and so I tested my disk: its all fine
  23. Telstar The Sorcerer

    WD GreenPower 1TB/750GB/500GB/320GB

    I am from Italy but I generally buy most of my hardware from Germany, which has the best prices on most components. Tom reviewed the drive today and they found it to be very cool, but no info on the noise (ppft). You have the same goals as me and so this seems the perfect HDD for a htpc or another silent rig. When I get the drives I don't know if i will copy the files immediately or wait to assemble the htpc, because I havent decided if i'll go for the rai1 route.
  24. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Event 51, other issues

    Happened to me while burning in nero with a pioneer dr111. Check if your discs are readable at max speed. Could be the cdrom drive that is failing.
  25. Telstar The Sorcerer

    External RAID box

    Personally I would look into another solution. Anyway, I thought the 2TB limit is for 32bit OS and doesn't matter the interface of the drives used. Are you sure about what you have posted?