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    Intel X25-M

    I get 4-5s and I dont see 3s as a huge improvement. Thats why i need the SLC units.
  2. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Going SSD

    That is why i'll go with the 1231ml. Unless the ich9r will suffice. PS: thanks for the link, it seems they fixed the cap.
  3. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Vista disk defrag / optimization software

    I had a bad experience with perfect disk. Old versions (i think 7) were way slow, with all placement options selected. v8 was buggy with vista, caused boot-bsod and the boot-time defragmentation often didnt work. Diskeeper instead, which i use for like 8 years now has never eve gave me such problems. It simply works on every system i put it on.
  4. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Vista disk defrag / optimization software

    diskeeper 2008 (pro premier). Altough I prefer the 2007 version because it allows to enlarge the MFT, the 2008 version has vss defragmentation which should be safer on the system partition.
  5. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Intel X25-M

    I would like to see a raid0 test with ichr9 and areca cards
  6. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Intel X25-M

    According to Anand speculation the 60gb should have a similar price to the 80gb MLC. I'm skeptical. Anyway I need 100+gb for OS and documents, which means 4x the 32gb model or 2x 64 gb.
  7. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Intel X25-M

    They are very very very impressive. Anyway, waiting for the SLC models.
  8. 250MB per sec is awesome speed. It beats platter disks. It was about time
  9. Telstar The Sorcerer

    The Best OCZ Core SATA SSD information

    I'm not too sure about that. I dont have first hand experience but someone i trust says so. I havent read that link yet. You get all sort of problems in windows vista if you disable pagefile altogether. That's the main source of their problems. Besides, I know that there are some compatibility problems, so its not that these drives are the solution to all sins.
  10. Telstar The Sorcerer

    SATA drives array: 1680ix or 1231ML?

    Got a link? I'm curious too, and as it's almost 3am here I'm going to go to bed rather than screw around with google or Areca's site... Interesting thread. I had assumed wrongly that the 1680 were fast tout court, due to the faster cpu. I definitely hate emulation. I have bad memories of the uncompatible and ultraslow 3ware first sata/ide raid controller... Anyway, I would throw in the bunch also the Adaptec 5 series, that i'm considering myself as alternative to the Arecas.
  11. Telstar The Sorcerer

    The Best OCZ Core SATA SSD information

    Another good review, that explains the SLC and MLC technloogies is this one: Besides the low random write results, real world performance of these OCZ SSDs is still very, very good.
  12. Telstar The Sorcerer

    New OCZ SSD

    OCZ plans to introduce a new line of very fast and affordable SSD drives in 32, 64 and 128 GB capacities. The drives are based on SLC memory and they are all 2.5-inch models using the SATA II interface. The read speed should be between 120 and 143MB/s, while the write speed should hit a quite amazing 80 to 93MB/s. The drive is shock resistant to 1500G. The products will be known as OCZSSD2-1C32G, OCZSSD2-1C64G and OCZSSD2-1C128G and you can expect to be able to buy them as of next week. The 32GB drive is already listed in German e-tail for €149, the 64GB has a really attractive price of €229, while the big 128GB drive will set you back €399.99. (source: fud)
  13. Telstar The Sorcerer

    New OCZ SSD

    The boot time is the least important of the benchmarks.
  14. Telstar The Sorcerer

    New OCZ SSD

    Not yet: a bunch of 32gb ones will go with my nehalem rig next january.
  15. Telstar The Sorcerer

    New OCZ SSD

    A good comparison between ssds: BTW if somebody has "System Speed Test v4.78", I would like to try it.
  16. Telstar The Sorcerer

    SCSI to SAS converter

    I'm thinking to replace my PERC 4e controller with the new Areca ARC1680 and I'm looking for the same thing without success. Maybe somebody thought about it during these months?
  17. Telstar The Sorcerer

    New OCZ SSD

    I'm waiting for a test. Six of these babies can take the place of my scsi drives very very soon
  18. Telstar The Sorcerer

    15k SAS or Velociraptors?

    I have 4x scsi 15k (fujitsu mau) in 2x raid0 arrays (i need one unit for OS and one for documents and temps) I'm thinking to replace them soon with either velociraptors or SSD (the second option more likely). And I want some redundancy. With non-server grade drives i'll never go stripe. I also have the option to buy more MAUs sas with adapter, but i dont think it is a good investment. scsi/sas drives are hard to resell. Anyway the noise really does not matter. The new OCZ SSDs are affordable, while the velociraptors gives you more capacity and higher STR. That's basically the choice. Also, for more than 2 disks, get an hardware controller such as Areca.
  19. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Cool Harddisks

    WD GPs run really cool. Mine in huge case with ton of fans are around 29°C
  20. Telstar The Sorcerer

    OS drive? (250GB is sufficient?)

    IMO 100gb are more than enough for OS, unless you plan to partition it just to increase speed. My pick would be the velociraptor, with a single 100gb partition.
  21. Telstar The Sorcerer

    New OCZ SSD

    I said that the source is fudzilla
  22. Telstar The Sorcerer

    SCSI activity led on lsi 320-2e

    Inverted outermost placement and no led wtf? I cant get this right it seems. About sensors, both HS runs hot but the bigger one slightly more and it is easier to place the sensor over there, so thats done.
  23. Telstar The Sorcerer

    SCSI activity led on lsi 320-2e

    Its supposed to be the jumper j5. But it has 3 pins, i tried to connect the innermost 2 (no light) and then the outermost 2 (fixed red light). Whats wrong? The white cable is on the external part. Also, i'm gonna put a thermal sensor: i see two heatsinks, one big silver and another one small black: which is over the IOP?
  24. Telstar The Sorcerer

    1 WD VelociRaptor or 2 WD VelociRaptor in Raid-0

    Get one velociraptor. In 99% of the situation you will have a faster system.
  25. Telstar The Sorcerer

    scsi disk failed without errors

    OK it was just needed to force it online. Paranoid controller