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    OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 480GB Review Discussion

    Nice review! But why they didnt do a 120gb version? The entry price to be paid is way too high for this new gen. BTW, when do you plan to test the Crucial M4?
  2. Telstar The Sorcerer

    How to Optimize SSDs for Windows 7

    I'll NEVER EVER disable System Restore. It saved my a*s countless times. Best thing that Vista introduced.
  3. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Any benchmarks for WD Scorpio 1tb 2.5" ?

    Lots of people with HTPC do not have the space for 3,5" drives, while the low speed is a bonus (less noise). So I think there is a pretty wide target.
  4. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Storage Review Site Update

    I would really like to see some reliability index for the platter disks. it is so awful nowadays that one doesnt know what to choose every time
  5. Telstar The Sorcerer

    2TB Seagate Constellation ES in for review

    Compare performance with the WD and Hitachi enterprise models, if possible
  6. Telstar The Sorcerer

    OCZ Vertex ssd launched!

    The price is OK, although i expected lower. The 30gb version is a godsend for my HTPC to use as OS drive: 120€ is unbeatable.
  7. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Samsung F2

    Any benchmarks?
  8. Telstar The Sorcerer

    1TB HDD for storage?

    Both samsung and wd GP have poor reliability. I'd (and i will) go for a caviar black.
  9. Telstar The Sorcerer

    1TB 2.5" SSD from PureSilicon

    nice website, but the current series are very slow. curious about 1tb, though.
  10. Telstar The Sorcerer


    All HDDs brands have poor reliability. This my very own opinion.
  11. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Anyone playing with the x64 Win 7 beta?

    Yes, and It didnt have drivers for my PERC 4e After several attempts, the only ones that worked were for win2003 x64. I think i'll have to move to SSD before w7 ships
  12. FYI my second GP died a week ago and it's going to rma. i'd like to try the newer model, it is really stellar.
  13. Telstar The Sorcerer

    On-board vs extern RAID controller

    Yep, you can migrate easily between ich8r, ich9r, and probably 10r too (I havent heard so i cant assure about this). Basically, until intel changes things seriously (as they may with the x58 chipset), you are pretty much safe the same.
  14. OS? It is probably a driver issue.
  15. Telstar The Sorcerer

    On-board vs extern RAID controller

    Because of the last three points, I would go with an external pci-e controller without doubts. I advocate the use of the intel matrix raid only with 2 drives in raid0, where performance and cpu usage are very good. Consider also Areca 1231ml.
  16. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Going SSD

    Cool, thanks for the explanation.
  17. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Going SSD

    I'm planning ahead for my fall/winter storage upgrade. I decided to settle this before moving to nehalem. Current setup: 2x raid0 arrays of fujitzu mau 136gb disks, one for OS/programs and the second for documents (includes photos and music). 1x samsung F1 1TB (backup and partition for win2003) 2x WD GP 1TB (movies archive) Evaluation: more responsive than single velociraptor, lower STR Goals: improve STR, access time (responsiveness) and especially windows availability after boot. Capacity *OS + Programs: 70GB (currently used 60GB) *Games and secondary apps (such as benchmarks): 60GB (currently used 45GB) *Documents: (includes photos, but excludes music, movies and dvd rips): 50GB (currently used 35GB). These MUST go on the SSDs to maximize loading and viewing time. *% of free space needed: 20% (=20GB) Total capacity needed: 220 GB Goals Speed: Goal is 600MB/s both write and read, to match the fusionIO "drive". Reliability: Properly implemented SLC drives such as intel-micron models are an order more reliable than any platter-driven unit. Noise: My 15k drives are not silent at all. The rest of the system isnt either, but seeks can be annoying, so that's a plus. Budget: 2500€ Option #1: 8x Intel X-25E (32GB) or Micron RealSSD P200 (32GB) projected write STR: 170x4=680MB/s* projected read STR: 250x4=1000MB/s* Raid: two 4-drives stripes (128kb and 512kb respectively) Partitioning: two partitions (like current setup) Controller: 3rd party raid controller required Notes: may cost up to 20% more than the 2nd option. Option #2: 4x Intel X-25E (32GB) or Micron RealSSD P200 (32GB) or 4x Micron RealSSD P200 64GB projected write STR: 680MB/s* projected read STR: 1000MB/s* Raid: single stripe 256kb Partitioning: single partition Controller: 3rd party raid controller required Notes: price for these is TBA, but i think it will be more than the 600$ of the 80gb mlc. Option #3 4x Intel X-25M projected write STR: 280MB/s projected read STR: 1000MB/s* Controller: to be determined. Not sure where the ICHR9/10 is capped Option #4 (less space for less money) 3x Intel X-25E 64GB (tot 190GB) projected write STR: 170x3=510MB/s projected read STR: 250x3=750MB/s* Controller: ICHR9 Note: the speed would be enough if the onboard controller does its job. Notes: * The areca controllers are capped ~600MB/s 1- With SSDs defragmentation does not occur anymore, hence 2- It is obvious that these drives are so fast than more than 4 are not needed in a stripe setup. 2- Instead of backup softwares (which reliability i find way under acceptable level), i'll do a full mirror copy of my documents, to be used for format & reinstall of the OS. 3- I wont need a 2003 server dualboot, which I use only for the dell PERC software 4- The external raid controller would be the Areca arc-1231ML (not sure about the amount of cache) What i would like to know is: 1) How low is capped the onboard ichr9/10 in dealing with such fast SSD drives. I think it would be fine with two drives, but then? 2) Did a firmware upgrade fix the 600mb cap on the areca controller maybe? 3) I'm open to other suggestions
  18. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Going SSD

    Although I never use more than 3gb, I have another pair of modules that I will put this weekend. Thanks for the heads up.
  19. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Intel X25-M

    No, I dont even start photoshop everyday I'm looking for an upgrade that would be worth it, albeit expensive. Word documents and big pictures (with vista viewer) are things that I do several times a day and where I would welcome a two/threefold improvement.
  20. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Going SSD

    I know. I have 2008 x64. My whole OS + programs is 12GB. My data on a 20GB PGPDisk. That leaves you still 30 GB on your 40 GB. 2.5 GB for office and pshop. 27.5 GB left. That is a lot of data to fill with programs considering that your biggest is 1.5 GB office. It wouldnt hurt to recheck where all that space gone. Treesize is free and works fine on x64. If you don't already have a tool, that might do for you. Well, mine (the space) is just bigger. See pic below. 8gb needs to be removed from program files for one game and about 1.5 more for futuremark benchmarks. That still means that the windows directory is bloated.I think that they put less stuff in 2008 server than in vista ultimate.
  21. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Going SSD

    hehe If you are looking for early adopters, have a look over XS forums, where there's people with 8x mtron pro drives around for months. I'm generally a second-tier early adopter. First gen SSD were really too slow to be honest, and you needed lots of them to enjoy highend speeds. Now things are finally changing. Whether or not i'll switch to nehalem as well, it'll all happen in january. I'm very happy with my current system, especially after I got rid of the old mainboard and i dont feel the need for faster processor or graphics, nor more cores. But storage yeah. I hate when I sometimes have to wait almost 1s to open a picture (4-8mb file) from my digital camera. With platter-based disks I couldnt go really much further. Not speaking for the several seconds that i have to wait after boot to have my system fully usable. I have lots of stuff but i need all that, so it will never be a clean system, just as clean as it can get after all the basic stuff is installed.
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    Going SSD

    Do you have vista x64? It eats 10gb in the windows directory alone and almost as much in the program files for accessories and stuff. Yep, it makes sense. I dont know what I will do, and I have a few months ahead (ETA is jan09). I'm tempted to just check one fast ssd to use for os and programs and see how fast it is. Point is, 64 gb are plainly not enough.
  23. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Going SSD

    P.S. I also had too many shadow copies, i cleaned the older ones and saved other 6 GB. So 40gb current and 50gb projected will be safe.
  24. Telstar The Sorcerer

    Going SSD

    Yes, I use headphones most of the time BTW the noisest things are not the drives Vista, then office, then photoshop. In the current setup i noticed after posting that i have one game and futuremark benches on the OS array, the real calculation of used space is 8gb less. and some libraries. The systm is not super clean but it is still fast and stable so i'm not reinstalling. 2gb in users where should be only links is also weird. 56-10=46gb, i would feel safe with 60gb allocated. Therefore, I think i could be safe with 192GB, or 3x 64gb drives. The important thing is the pricing of the SLC models. If i mirror my docs daily both to the backup drive and my other computer, I think should be safe enough. It is my desktop and there is no sensible data. Micron drives should be very similar to intel's. It is not sure where the nand are manufactured, as somewhere i have read that there is a joint venture between micron and intel for SSDs.