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    SCSI raid vs SATA raid

    Going from PATA RAID to SATA RAID will make little to no difference. Using an Areca won't matter much, as Games are 99% reads, and unless the card is psychic, the reads won't be in cache prior to level loading time. ... Actually, it's pretty easy to open perfmon and figure out "exactly" what the game does in terms of disk usage. Interesting observations. To speed up random reads the only solution is minimize access time, which means SSD or at least 15k scsi units. Raid wont do a s*it for this. I will do some test with resource monitor, but I believe that MMOs do write a LOT on the disk. Most games I play and i will play are seamless, without level loading and istances. I think it is 60% reads and 40% writes and some of those reads are sequential (textures). I can test Vanguard and Heroes 5 and see what happens The only game that I play that has level loading is Sims2, for which I'm sure a raid0 will help. Yes, it is my money but I dont want to waste it That is why I'm asking advice.
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    SCSI raid vs SATA raid

    I DO know that there have been past flamish discussions about raid in this forum. And of course I have read them. I'm not obtuse Point is that I do see a tremendous difference in a software raid solution or even a hardware one with a cheap controller rather than with the Areca. The former I wouldnt consider and I havent, until someone pointed me the link to x-bit test. Also, I am considering scsi raid as well, which I use on my server.
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    SCSI raid vs SATA raid

    Hello to you. Looking at the faq i found these two articles: and Tell me if there is more to read. Both these articles refer to old and poorly performant PATA raid controllers. If I were to use the mainboard software raid, I wouldnt bother and I'd go with a single raptor. Second, about the scsi test, the controller used was a deent performer but being a 33mhz pci controller was limited by the pci bus. And moreover it had only 32mb of ram. As you can see by the specs of the Areca controller I would use in case of SATA raid, it has 256mb of cache. I would like to see more detailed tests about the impact of this, but I'm pretty sure that it DOES tremendously help with random writes. Now, an interesting point would be how many drives should I use to have a good performance without wasting too much money. A raid 0+1 with 4 drives -as somebody suggested- is roughly as performant as a raid0 with 3 drives. And I wouldnt have to bother with weekly backups (monthly should be enough ) Talking about games, it is very difficult to know what every single game does in terms of disk usage. My preferences are for MMOS and single player strategy and RPG games. Generally these games are huge, high demanding and write/read a lot of data, but I think more randomly than sequentially like BG, because most modern games are not istance-based. I also wonder how multithreaded they are. That would put the choice in favour of a scsi setup. Lastly, keep in mind that the machine will have 4GB of ram and will run vista x64.
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    SCSI raid vs SATA raid

    Thank you. But as I said I dont need redundancy as I will be using a backup drive on which I will do weekly backup. It is a gaming rig, it doesnt have sensible data. I dont want to spend a lot more for 4 more raptors and a 8 port contoller to have about the same kind of performance. Areca controller with 7200rpm sata drives.
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    160 GB Flash SSD anounced

    Good performance but too expensive. These are definitely better (I will know the prices soon):
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    SCSI raid vs SATA raid

    Bah I looked at LSI website and I'm quite disappointed. There arent real new cards. My setup will be all internal, therefore no sas. The only PCI-E card is the 320-2E, which shouldnt be cheap enough. I wonder why they didnt make the pci-e version of the 320-1.
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    SCSI raid vs SATA raid

    Yes, multithread performance is where SCSI is absolute king. I remember the responsiveness feeling from normal windows multitasking when I was using my LSI controller with just one cheetah (before it died and got replaced by 2 max). Here i think the controller cache plays a big role too. Areca is going to come out with a scsi controller? This is very interesting news BTW I will do do some test with NCQ enabled and disabled, in general drives perform better without it.
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    Western Digital Raptor WD1500

    I have the same hard drives as Robur above, and I'm also debating to upgrading to the same controller card. In short, I also need an answer to his question. Can anyone please help us with this decision? Thanks. I have a similar dilemma. What I can tell is that the onboard cache on your LSI controller will do a better job in random writes that are extremely common in a desktop environment in windows. I have a LSI 320-1x with 2 fujitsu MAU 73gb drives on my current machine, which is outdated and run just fine for everyday use. Next month I'm building a gaming rig. For desktop performance raptors surpasses 10k scsi drives. With 15k setups, the performance of the sata raid controller matters. If u plan to not use a dedicated controller card, you are wasting your money on more than 2 drives. I can tell you that the LSI controller is a wonderful little piece of hardware, expecially considering the time it came out (4.5 years ago!). I dont experience any delay in booting, except the controller initialization. OS used: xp32, 2003 server x32, vista32. Sorry the cpu is not 64 bit This is what I'm planning to build: Areca ARC-1210 pci-e controller. PCI-express has overall higher bandwith. Latest version comes with 256mb of ram onboard, which i find extremely good. Nothing beats it, period. 300€ well spent IMO. 4x WD raptor 150gb raid0 (i'm considering also using the 74gb models) WD 5000KS or Seagate 1200.10 750GB as backup unit This will run vista x64 home premium.
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    WD raptors vs seagate 7200.10 RAID 0 for gaming

    I know another one, Vista
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    Looking for a new SATA HD (160GB)

    The 7200.10 has been tested, but not here yet. Also the new WD 1600AAJS has been tested here: For gaming usage, the new WD is a very solid performer, second choice after the Raptor 1500 IMO. I would have bought a 320gb unit btw.