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  1. Bob_D.

    Printer Problems

    Depends...there are more variables to consider than what you've given us so far. For example: How much do you want to spend? Your 1280 prints up to 13"x19". Do you want you new printer to be able to print that large? Do you use a color managed work-flow for printing images? (Dye sub printers are notoriously hard to profile.) Do you even NEED a photo printer? Wal-Mart, Costco, etc. can print photos very cheaply (~US$.19 per 4"x6" photo IIRC) on their Fuji Frontier printers using Crystal Archive paper. A little more info and we should be able to point you in the right direction. If you want more info on printing a color managed workflow to the Fuji Frontier see Dry Creek Photo's site for details. If your workflow isn't color managed, you can just take your photos to Wal-Mart. Costco, etc. on a CD or flash card and they'll print them for you. At US$.19 per photo, you could print ~1,579 4"x6" photos on the Frontier at the same cost of buying that Canon dye sub if it were $300. Some food for thought, eh? Bob
  2. Bob_D.

    SR's D2OL Metacomputing Team

    Ars just has more power than we do right now. The team stats at Team MacNN tell the story. We had 2x as many members active in the last week than they did....their members (mainly Nicholas I think) are just cranking out more production than most of us are able to do. I think Nicholas just brought back onto D2OL some machines he had off working on another DC project. Whoa, I just looked at TFY's stats....Nicholas has almost 394,000 candidates...their 2nd place guy has around 76,000. Our #1 and #2 have 50,000 and 41,000 (Megadeath and Mars, respectively). Sheesh, Nicholas (or his nodes at least) cranked out 11,500 candidates in the last week alone! Hey, I see HMTK just joined the team! Thanks man and welcome! Bob
  3. Bob_D.

    SR's D2OL Metacomputing Team

    DUMP! 2,000 candidates! Moved into new house, got the wireless network setup and 2nd cruncher at home up and running. So far behind now I'll have to find some more comps to borg or something to get back in the Top 10. Bob
  4. Bob_D.

    SR's D2OL Metacomputing Team

    We just passed Denmark to make to number 10 all-time! Way to go Team SR! I've fallen to 13th on our team but I've got one 1.4G Athlon crunching offline. Soon to strike with a big upload, he, he, he
  5. Bob_D.

    Miss Belgium 2004

    For all our Belgian friends (and the rest of us), the final 10 candidates. Looks like Nele Somers has a strong lead based on the number of times her picture has been viewed (she's my favorite as well). Lots of blonds... Bob
  6. SWEET! Santa came early! I'll just have to make do with my (single) 2000FP for a while. Those two look really good side-by-side (the monitors, you pigs! ). Really nice Honold, enjoy all that sharp, clear real estate! Bob
  7. Bob_D.

    Radeon 8500 @ 1600x1200

    I've had a ATI Radeon 8500 64MB driving my Dell 2000FP @ 1600 x 1200 off the DVI port for quite a while now. I use it for the same things you do, sans the gaming. Works great. Only problem I had was the original driver caused some "sparkling" on the LCD but a driver update solved that a long time ago. Bob
  8. Bob_D.

    Samsung P80 review soon?

    Hello? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
  9. Bob_D.

    Samsung P80 review soon?

    Good point Mickey, hadn't considered that. I just figured that since the performance specs were already in the database, SR must have received one. As I noted earlier, in another forum, someone mentioned the performance specs have been in the database since July. Hopefully Eugene or Davin will pop in and give an idea on an ETA for the review. Thanks! Bob
  10. Bob_D.

    Samsung P80 review soon?

    Gawd, I'd kill for an edit button right now. SP1614C & N, 8MB cache. SP1604N, 2 MB cache. Get it right Bob! So, looking for a review of the 8MB cache model(s). There, finally got it right! Looks like I'm holding my own conversation here...
  11. Bob_D.

    Samsung P80 review soon?

    Errr, SP1604N. Fat fingers....
  12. Really interested in the SP1614C SATA version. I see the specs are in the performance database for the SP1614N PATA version. I heard on another forum that the specs have been there since July; is that possible and still no published review? Any idea on a rough ETA for the review Eugene? The idle noise specs (42.3dbA) are odd as most people seem to report these drives as quiet (or quieter) than a Cuda V (37.8 dbA) when installed in their systems. Christmas is just around the corner, hmmmm... Bob
  13. Bob_D.

    No Raptors @ newegg.....

    Their search engine must hate you! I just tried it and the 36GB Raptor showed up, in stock, $130USD.
  14. Bob_D.

    SR's D2OL Metacomputing Team

    Just dumped 309 candidates from my 3 Borg'ed computers to add to my normal ~150 per day. Kept us within 400 of the Yogurt team which has really been crunching a lot recently. Bob
  15. Bob_D.

    SR's D2OL Metacomputing Team

    Some more recent (11/5) TFY thoughts on our new endeavor into D2OL: The Team Frozen Yogurt gauntlet off to a good start!. We have had several new members join as well as old members come back to the team. From what I am hearing all are impressed with the ease of use, stability and server side uptime of the client and project. So hats off to everyone giving this little Ars team a hand, we appreciate it. Now if we could only get some more members to help us defeat Team Storagereview and the despised Dutch Cows in the weekly and daily stats we would be doing a lot better. Sitting at 5th place weekly does not feel all that great. Kinda nice being viewed as a threat!