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  1. B4RSK


    Wow, very sorry to hear about P5_133XL. He was always a helpful & friendly guy.
  2. B4RSK

    It's pretty quiet here these days.

    I haven't been on SR for so long that I forgot my username. I knew I was one of the early re-registrants after the big crash so I just went to the oldest members and moved back through a few pages until I found myself. I think Reddit is a big part of where forum traffic has gone. /r/buildapc has 327k+ members and hundreds or more online at any given time. That's just one PC-related subreddit and maybe not even the largest. Anyway, I'm not really sure why I came back to check things out, I guess just some idle time and a desire to see how my old stomping grounds is doing...
  3. B4RSK

    Storage Review Site Update

    Nice to see that SR is going to make a comeback! I'll be building a new machine this summer (+/- a bit) and look forward to reading about various storage options here before making purchases. Good luck rebuilding the site!
  4. B4RSK

    Enough is Enough

    Very happy to hear that at least someone has had a good 2008! I have had a lot of things go badly this year, both in business and in my personal life. There were some good times of course but overall it is definitely my worst year in the past decade. Wishing everyone a great 2009!!
  5. B4RSK

    Enough is Enough

    I think a lot of people are pretty shell-shocked by the current economic situation. I know I have been in shock for the past while, watching my sales drop by large amounts and profit fall even more. 2008 has NOT been a good year for me, I certainly hope things are better in 2009.
  6. B4RSK

    Enough is Enough

    Agreed, definitely good to have the board free of politics.
  7. B4RSK

    I want this guy for my lawyer

    Looks like someone had some discount plastic surgery done...
  8. B4RSK

    Dear President Bush

    I'm disappointed... I guess no one wants to defend the word of God quoted directly from the bible! I thought at least one of the big-time religion fans here on SR would say something!
  9. B4RSK

    Dear President Bush

    Where are all the bible thumpers?? Nothing to say? Perhaps you've never actually read the book that represents what you say you stand for... Shocked to find out that you should be PUT TO DEATH because you cut your hair?
  10. B4RSK

    Dear President Bush

    I wonder what percentage have actually read more than a few verses of the bible though... I'd say it would have to be very low.
  11. B4RSK

    Dear President Bush

    This is a huge problem with the bible -- it contradicts itself all the time. As you said, the bible is a collection of writings by different people in different times. Even more than that though is that this collection of writings was put together much later -- centuries after the various books were written. Religious leaders of the time picked and chose what they wanted to include in the bible. And what they wanted left out.
  12. B4RSK

    Dear President Bush

    Thanks FS, glad you enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to replies from some of the religious nuts... I'm not anti-religion. Nor am I overly religious. It's something I struggle with a bit. I can't accept the religious doctrine preached by so many, but I also have great trouble accepting that there is nothing beyond life here on earth. I'm not afraid of death... I look forward to finding out what comes next. Ian
  13. B4RSK

    Dear President Bush

    Came across this the other day. It looked a lot like another urban legend, so I looked up all the references on bible.com. Every one is accurate.
  14. B4RSK

    Computer a bad audiction

    I BBS'd a lot starting in my Apple II days. Started with a Hayes compatible 300 bps modem. I guess I started in 1983 or 84. Moving to a 1200bps modem on my Atari ST and later a 2400bps modem... Heaven! Then of course 9600 and 14.4... Good memories, but I don't want to go back. I've got 100mbps fibre now! 100mbps both UP and DOWN. Nothing like seeing a single download come in at 4MB/sec/ When did others here get their first Internet email address? Not Fido or something, but a real Internet-connected email address. For me it was sometime in 1990 on a VAX system. A 4300 I think! Ian
  15. B4RSK

    Computer a bad audiction

    Your English is excellent, I wasn't trying to say otherwise... Just thought the typo had interesting connotations. Ian