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    Where to buy scsi cables?

    Thanks for the response.....but those prices really break the bank
  2. I know of hypermicro, are they any other good places to buy cables at decent prices? Also, if i buy this 5 position cable, how many hard drives can i connect (3 drives, 1 position for adapter and 1 for terminator)? Thanks
  3. I'm new to scsi raid and I'm in the process of building a server (web/app). I obtained the following hardware for free and would like to make use of it: 1 x Compaq Smart Array 5304/128 4 x 9.1GB 10k 80pin drives 1 x 18.2GB 10k 80pin drive I was thinking of using raid 5 with 3 of the 9 gig drives and using the last one as a spare. Or would I be better off using raid 0+1 and use the 18gig drive as the spare? The last thing I need help with is connecting the drives together. Since the drives are 80pin, I wanted to get a hot swap rack, similar to the supermicro CSE-M35S, but that would only be using 1 channel on the controller. I would either have to buy another rack or buy 68pin adapters. My goal is to setup the array without having to use an external enclosure since internal is the cheapest route. Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. genepool

    which of these two network-cards is to prefer ?

    How do the linksys cards ( I have ver 4.1) stack up to the rest?
  5. What is the name of the scsi adapter at I searched the site and couldn't find it. I also thought that the Audio Master mode only writes CDs at 4X speed only. I could be wrong though.
  6. has info on the scsi converter going on sale for the yamaha drives.
  7. Does it really matter which type a cdwriter uses? I plan to burn databackups, games, video files, and audio cds? Is there a difference in the quality of the burn? i know the Z-CLV uses Burnproof or the other similar methods to write the cd. Does it matter or should i go with the Z-CLV drives since there're cheaper than the yamaha drives.
  8. For all we know, the external drive that is due out could be an IDE drive with the adapter in the back for USB or Scsi.
  9. Has anyone tried the yamaha CRW2200SZ? This is the yamaha with the dual interface (the connector that turns it into a scsi drive). I would think that this connector would work for yamaha's future drives also. Hey FireWrks, did you ever find the link where this converter is sold? On pricewatch, the ide version of this drive is about $105 compared to the drive with the scsi converter is.......... $224 8O . That is a huge difference. I too prefer a scis cdrw. When I added a 2nd ide hard drive to my system, i noticed a performance hit when tranferring files from the hard drive and my cdrom drive on the same channel. Specs: MSI kt266 pro athlon 1800+ 512 RAM 20 gig 75GXP 30 gig 75GXP Aopen 40X cdrom Fireport 40 Yamaha 4416S MSI GF3 TI200