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  1. short version: 45gig gxp broke after use of 14 months(september) 75gig gxp broke after use of 01 month(august) could return the 75 gig to store and got it replaced with 2x 60gig gxp and only have to pay the diffrence(*grammer) had to return my 45 gig gxp with a 2 page letter that i didn't want to to replace it with something else in in 75gxp serie but replaced with 60gxp... i sortof threatend(*grammer) them to replace with a 60gig 60gxp becease i have no faith in that 75gxp serie and i gave then numberless(*grammer) links of forum's ,newssites like: , and even sites and links that went to court to sue ibm and that i would consider to do this too if they would replace it with a 75gxp serie that would mailfunction again etc and that i still entrust them by buying in total 4 harddisks of ibm 60gig ,60gxp ((made copies of it) even after these first two went broke! i told them also that if they want to replace it with the same serie or with the serie i want but a lower storage that they have to contact me @mail or phone. i got today a replaced one................and guess...... ???.............ohh yes a second handed 45 gig gxp without any letter or contact!!............ ohh i'm so mad about this company....!!! i will call them tomorrow and i'm thinking to say what to them.......!!! does anyone have any good idea's for me?? i feel