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  1. Western Digital Protege WD400EB, Nearest thing in the database is WD300EB, and it probably would not be too inaccurate to record it as that? Manufacturer: Western Digital Family: Protege Released: 2001? Notes: Some WD literature IDs this as 2x20 GB platters, other references say 1x40GB Model Name (product family): ? Model Number: WD400EB-42CPF0 Capacity: gigabytes 40GB URL: , Interface: ATA 100 Spindle Speed: rotations per minute 5400 Seek: milliseconds rated 12 average, tested 18 avg Buffer: kilobytes 2048 Density: gigabytes per platter 40GB I think Still running at 56,600 hours, about 11% of rated MTBF, Acronis reports SMART health 27%, 61 reallocated sectors (critical), WD Data Lifegaurd reports pass with all values comfortably above thresholds. This is an OEM drive in Acer Aspire T100, XP, 0.5 GB RAM so paging file sees some use. Bought in Q3, 2003. A long look in rear view mirror!