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  1. I'm planning on replacing my 120 GB HD for a new 160 GB one, so I would like to copy all data from the old HD to the new one, without having to partition and intall everything from scratch again. I mean copying all partition and operating system data altogheter. In your experience, what would be best and safest way to acomplish that? If possible, I would also like a program that would both copy and verify the integrity of the new data comparing it with the old one, just to be safe on data corruption issues. Both HDs are SATA and are connected through SiI 3112 onboard controller in my ASUS A7N8X Deluxe. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Seems it's really difficult to decide... :roll:
  3. Hi guys! I'm planning to buy a new 80 GB HD for personal desktop usage, and I can get both these drives for the same price: Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 - 2 MB IBM Deskstar 120 GXP I don't know which one to choose. For what I could see the benchmarks here all point me to the Maxtor HD, but the model tested was the one with 8 MB buffer. At the same time I've seen the X-bit labs review of 180GXP, they have compared all drives togheter and the 120GXP seemed to me clearly faster than the new Maxtor with 2 MB. In your opinion, which one of the two listed above should I buy and why? If I could get my hands in the same Maxtor 9 but with 8 MB of buffer, should I stay with it instead of 120GXP?