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  1. Hello All I'm working on a new setup for a NAS server The server chassis is a Supermicro 36 Bay Superserver, with SMC2108 (LSI 9260-8i) with the 36 drives ( 4TB st4000dm001 seagate ) connected to it Running CentOS 5.4 for compatibility with some needed application on the server File transfer would mainly be over NFS ( from Linux and OS X clients ) , files are mainly media file, ranging from 5MB - 200GB The plan is to use RAID6 for all the RAID groups to make 1 big volume I'm debating on how to organize/split the RAID groups to form the volume Below are some configurations I'm considering, each seems to have some advantages 1- 2 x 18 drive RAID6 groups in the MegaRAID, then create the volume via software in the OS ( Considerable Redundancy ) 2- 1 x 36 drives RAID60 ( two groups of 18 drives ) in MegaRAID ( for OS independence in case of an OS issue ) 3- 4 x 9 drives RAID6 groups, volume created in the OS ( for more redundancy and faster rebuilds ) What do you thin about this plan, anything that we might have missed ? Opinions / advices are appreciated Thanks