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    Western Digital Raptor WD1500

    Is TLER feature enabled or disabled on 150G raptor? I see that the review say that the feature is disabled on both WD1500ADFD and WD1500AHFD, but WD FAQ says differently.*
  2. sangwooksohn

    HDD Partitions and Drive Letter Question

    xSTLx, Thanks for your input. I am aware that I can change drive letters in Disk Management. But I'd like to know if there's any way that Windows Setup sees my HDD's as I want it to. Since WinXP x64 will be installed on 54GB (1.2), I want it to be installed on D not F in the first place. Sang
  3. While I have multiple HDD's w/ multiple partitions, I have question regarding drive letter assignment during Windows XP Setup process. Here's my setup. Disk 1 2 x 36GB HDD's in RAID0 w/ 18GB Active Primary Partion + 54GB Primary Partition Disk 2 1 x 36GB HDD w/ 12GB Primary Partition + 24GB Primary Partion Disk 3 1 x 146GB HDD w/ 146GB Primary Partition During Windows Setup, my HDD's are set to: 18GB (1.1) = C 12GB (2.1) = D 146GB (3.1) = E 54GB (1.2) = F 24GB (2.2) =G But I'd like them to be: 18GB (1.1) = C 54GB (1.2) = D 12GB (2.1) = E 24GB (2.2) = F 146GB (3.1) = G Is there any way to achieve this? I understand that there are some rules with primary and logical partion and stuff, but I am not so sure. I am planning dual booting w/ two partitions on Disk 1, so I guess I may have to set both of partitions as primary partitons. Will following setup solve my problem? disk1 18GB (1.1) Active Primary (WinXP) 54GB (1.2) Active Primary (WinXP x64) disk2 12GB (2.1) Logical 24GB (2.2) Logical disk3 146GB (3.1) Logical I just don't know. If you have any input, please share your thoughts. Thanks in advance. Sang