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  1. I just purchased a Windows 8 pc. However, I take such good care of my techie things I still have an old Toshiba laptop about 8 years old, maybe a little less that runs just great, it's just the technolgy was getting a little behind. It's the old style "tablet" that has the swivel screen and was considered "heavy" accord to our standards today. The Toshiba Satellite (circa 2005) laptop is an XP with all the updates and service packs. I keep it lean and clean with Advanced System Care, have for months with no problem. It was always used to connect wirelessly. About the middle of February I switced from Verizon slow DSL to Comcast because we have no other choice for a faster speed. No FIOS. But, I've come back a full 180 to Verizon. However I did get a new modem, the latest advances. It's a D-Link ADSL2+ (DSL2750B) Supposed to run 3 to 6 times faster than the old Verizon modem I had. When I first connected to the DSL I turned this laptop on, connected wirelessly and it was there great going! I was even hitting almost the top speed I am provisioned for wireless. The modem is only 2 feet away but still. I turned if off, turned my attention back to the new Windows 8 machine for a couple of days Then I wanted to go back and check the Toshiba XP and revel in it's great performance on this new modem .... drat!! It detects all local stations, even of course mine, but when I try to connect it tries but fails and jumps to a neighbors DSL. I can however connect with the Ethernet cord. I've been using this Toshiba Tablet for months with a USB wireless adapter just fine that a friend gave me. In fact either the internal wireless adapter and the USB worked with not a problem but tests seemed to show his gift of the adapter was a little faster, so I use it exclusively. So neither wireless adapter, internal or USB will connect to my modem. I even tried pressing the WPS button on the modem, the one that's lets someone near log on without a password. So there it is. Can anyone have a clue why this worked at the first and now won't? Also, all other pc's, including a netbook with XP and a new small android tablet are connecting no problem. It's the Toshiba laptop alone that for some reason ... out of no where, will not connect wirelessly. Is there an easy fix than uninstalling drivers? But why would both adapters get a corrupted driver at the same time? I hope there is help here. Thanks so much for reading this and consdering my situation. Jack ":-D Oh, yes I did try restoring to an old date. No dice!