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  1. ddrueding

    Storagereview.com baseball hat

    I'm in! Do you have paypal to the e-mail address I have?
  2. ddrueding

    Your Handle/Nick

    First initial, last name. On some forums I even go by just my first name. All of my gaming handles are just my first name or my clan (-TweakT-David).
  3. ddrueding

    Active directory issues...

    Thanks for the quick response HotDog, however any time I try to sun the setup it crashes...not a good thing. Also trying to run the setup for Exchange 2003 SP1 crashes as well. I do have a new DC coming in next week. I'll try to hold out til then, then migrate the functions and nuke this one. What's the reccomended procedure for formatting and re-installing an exchange server? (with restoration of data of course) Thanks again. David
  4. I have a Server 2003 domain where the DC is also the exchange server (2003). Lately, any time I try to modify or create a user account, it comes up with an error: Microsoft Active Directory - Exchange Extension The system cannot find the file specified. facility: Win32 IDno: c0070002 Microsoft Active Directory - Exchang Extension And then prevents me from doing anything. I've tried the usual (reboot, restart services) and it didn't help. Google and the MS Knowledgebase only refer to issues with Server 2000 that don't look like the same problem. The server is still operating fine as a DC and Exchange, but I need to do some maintence on some accounts! Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, David
  5. ddrueding

    Maxtor 500Gb in Q3.

    I'll second this. I see no reason why companies that do massive datawarehousing would not use really large IDE drives. In RAID arrays large enough, STR is no longer an issue, and the extra access time can be compensated for using really large RAM disks as cache. Reliability isn't that big a concern because with large redundant arrays of disks you have...redundancy. The added cost in drives and floor space (not to mention electricity and heat) would almost certainly rule out 10k and 15k SCSI.
  6. ddrueding

    New SSD disk from Gigabyte

    This is definatly going to be my next boot disk in my workstation. Likely I will use 2 in RAID-0 simply for the increased capacity. Considering the volitile nature of the medium, frequent backups will be mandatory anyway. Replacing the battery with a link to the standby power connection from the motherboard will be quite simple, and having the system then connected to a decent UPS will work quite well. As a worst-case scenario, boot to a CD and restore the latest image of your OS via the network. Come to think of it, even 4GB is enough for a pretty large XP Pro build and an iSCSI driver; then just install everything else on the server in the closet where the RAID-5 array of 15k.4s live connected via dedicated GbE. Muahaha!
  7. ddrueding

    World time zones, anyone know why?

    Ah, yes....you were 12 at the time? Honestly, a very nice essay.
  8. I'm trying to login to a smoothwall via SCP on port 222 from the green side, and it keeps coming up as "connection refused" in WinSCP3. I've done this successfully in the past, any ideas?
  9. ddrueding

    Mother's day, so what did you do for her?

    I figured I'd take my mum to one of the really nice resteraunts in the area and then go wine tasting. When I showed up at her place in nice clothes, she handed me a post hole digger and showed me where she wanted her new fence to go. Digging a dozen 3' deep holes, putting posts in them, and filling with cement was not what I had in mind; but it did make her happy.
  10. ddrueding

    Ahhh the good life

    Eh, it's all good. After so many heartbreaks (3 now) I'm getting pretty good at recovering. I'll be moving into my new place next week, and am already back in the game.
  11. ddrueding

    Holy crap!

  12. ddrueding

    Ahhh the good life

    I think about $150k in I'd get a $250K funeral...but I would certainly die happy
  13. Well, I'm certainly no photographer. And although I do take pride in my work, it's not that much to look at. Picture a big oak desk with a Dell 2001FP or some of the larger Samsung displays (my first 2405FPW is on the way) on a simple monitor arm or just sitting on the desk. The keyboard and mouse you won't see as they're in the top drawer on your right. I've been using the DiNovio set, but the new Cordless Desktop MX 3100 with the MX1000 mouse is tempting. Some of the desks are really well polished or have a glass top that messes with the mouse. The way to get around the issue of using an optical mouse on glass is to have the underside of the glass where a mouse pad would go sandblasted. The hardware is OTS; nForce4 mobos lately, with 90nm underclocked CPUs and gobs of RAM. Suspended HDDS in Zalman heatpipe coolers with undervolted Nexus 120mm fans and NCU-2000 passive heatsinks. The underside of the pen drawer has a hole cut in it for intake (front) and exhaust (rear) covered with speaker fabric. The face of the drawer is hinged at the bottom and the optical, floppy, 6-in-1 card reader and removable HDD (backup) are accessible. I don't do the furniture mods myself.
  14. All the new systems I build for clients are going in this direction. Most have cases made of Alder or Oak to match their existing furniture. The most basic home installs I do are built into what used to be the pen drawer in the front of the desk. The only things visible are the LCD, wireless keyboard and mouse. The printer goes into a filing cabinet drawer and the bluetooth antennea is concealed as well. One of the installs even had DVI through the bottom of the desk into a crawl space that eventually fed to the projector built into the lofted ceiling. If you're ever in Pebble Beach, give me a ring and I'll show you some neat systems.
  15. ddrueding

    Stupid Question How do you Pronounce SATA

    You mean, you guys actually talk to people in real life using these words? I've never had the opportunity, I just type them