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  1. Burner27

    Is enabling AHCI worth it?

    Well I run Vista and Win7 in dualboot and they both support AHCI natively. I just had to edit the registry first then reboot and change the BIOS to enable AHCI. I did experience one of my TB HDDs 'disappearing' like you said when using AHCI. Previously under 'IDE' mode, none of my drives disappeared. I am assuming this is a 'weirdity' of AHCI?
  2. Burner27

    Is enabling AHCI worth it?

    You'd think I have asked a really hard question?
  3. I have the option to enable AHCI just like anyone else and i have AHCI-capable HDDs. I am just wondering if it is worth it? I am not sure what software i would use to benchmark such a change. Does anyone have any personal experience they could share? I have a WD Velociraptor as my OS/Apps drive and 4 x 1TB HDDs. Thx
  4. Now, I can understand why powering down your HDDs when not in use is a good thing but the constant power down/powering up when needed seems like you'd shorten the lifespan of your HDDs right? Yes, i am talking about while you are using your PC but not necessarily your HDDs (like storage drives) What is the best answer to this? Have them run all the time and only shut off when you turn off your PC or put it in sleep mode or have the drives spindown (via some power management policy/software--like Vista's for example) while you continue to use your PC but do not need to access those drives?
  5. Burner27

    Diskeeper 2009--Is it worth it?

    Well, he did answer you in good faith probably to best of his knowledge. He might not have access to all the facts or stats, he might not have correct information... but this is a forum, we share ideas, opinions. I think you offended him. And it would not be fair to offend someone whose sole purpose was to share information with you. As for diskeeper, i believe real time defrag and frequent defrags would do more harm than good to the drive. Unnecessary wear and tear. This depends on your usage scenario though. Big data files (movies, etc) are usually on a different partition. I do a quick format on that partition every once in a while and move hte files back. It does not get defragmented. For OS partition, in about 6 to 9 months of usage, windows registry becomes bloated. I usually do a quick format/reinstall or put the initial image back. Doing a manual defrag once a month or occasionally is more then sufficient. My fragmentation is not above 5-6% at those times. I sometimes copy files elsewhere (by booting into other OS on other partition) and do a quick format / copy back. So in my opinion, it is just not necessary to pay anything for defrag. And moreover, if you are doing regular housekeeping, defragmentation is not something to waste time on. As for placement of files in inner/outer tracks etc (i dont know if diskeeper has that), that is also a waste of time too. Not worth bothering for a miniscule performance increase in my opinion. Your opinion was very helpful. I understand that I sometimes come off as harsh, and true it probably did offend him. i am sorry for that.
  6. Burner27

    Diskeeper 2009--Is it worth it?

    Your version is good. Make sure I-FAAST is running. You didn't answer my original question nor did you provide any data to support your position on Diskeeper's performance. Why are you still posting? Why are you posting? Moreover, why is anyone bothering to answer a person with an attitude like yours? Because he isn't even answering my question. My attitude is justified. If you aren't posting anything pertaining to answering my question, then why bother posting? The question is "Is diskeeper worth it?" He didn't provide any information that would show me using diskeeper has a performance gain worth the investment as compared to Vista's defragmenter.
  7. Burner27

    Diskeeper 2009--Is it worth it?

    181 views and no one has an opinion? You gotta be kidding me, right?
  8. I currently own Diskeeper Pro Premier 2008 and I just saw that the upgrade to 2009 is $60. What I want to know is if this software is even worth it? Do I NEED defragmenting software? I was reading that Vista's defragmenter is actually sufficient. Any opinions would be appreciated.
  9. Burner27

    Ask me about the Mtron Mobi 3000

    That would definitely be a fun test. A friend of mine has ordered a 10-pack of the Pro versions. I will try to get some benchmarks in before it gets deployed. I'll bite.....how much was it in USD?
  10. Burner27

    Seagate ST3500320AS

    I tried the DOS version of Seatools and it didn't tell me the cache size--unless i was using it wrong.
  11. This is incorrect. I am using Everest Ultimate and it reports the drive cache as "unknown". My drive has firmware SD15 on it.
  12. Burner27

    Hitachi 7K1000 Question

    Check to see what the warranty is for each as well. Sometimes I see drives that are OEM only come with a 1 year warranty.
  13. Burner27

    Seagate ST3500320AS

    I just received my drive as well and mine has firmware SD15 installed on it. Everest Ultimate also reports the cache size as "unknown"
  14. Burner27

    what's wrong here?

    Relax, junior. Maybe we have not encountered those errors before and therefore cannot offer advice/assistance. Why don't you RMA the drive if it is still under warranty so that you can feel better.
  15. I am using a RAID 0 using 2 x 320GB Seagate 7200.10 HDDs on my Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6 motherboard. I am using the purple SATA ports which are the GIGA-RAID ports and have the latest RAID drivers installed. I am using Windows Vista 64bit and I am having an issue where the RAID array becomes "write protected" and I have to kill the partition and recreate it to regain write access to it. Has anyone experienced this before and know of a solution? Does this occur on the Intel Matrix RAID? Thanks