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  1. Which router do you recommend then that has the best support/options/configurability for a USB Drive set up as a NAS with AC wireless capability?
  2. Due to the size limits of my office desk, i have always preferred less clutter. That being said, I never was a fan of a device for my cable modem, a device for my router, and leaving my external hard drive out all the time so i could just plug it in when i am ready to use it. I have always had a DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem with a combined 802.11n router. I now have a few devices that support AC wireless speeds, so I am ready to take the plunge and get a new combo router/modem device. What I would like to know though, is if there exists such a device NAS a la USB DRIVE. I currently have a 3.0USB 128GB drive, but i will gladly buy a 256GB USB Drive I can have what i am looking for. In my search I have found a AC router with USB options, or AC Router with a Cable modem, but not all 3. Does it exist?
  3. JPWRana

    Storage Review Site Update

    I am so happy and excited to see some life again in this website. I just spent quite some time reading ALL of the posts for this thread, and they all pretty much sum up the type of review needed... both from mechanical drives, to solid state, to portable (camera storage, USB flash drives, eSATA, PCI, etc.), to controllers and chipsets. I do checkout anandtech too, and yeah, they do have a good view on SSDs. What I would like to see on this website that HASN'T been mentioned yet is more options on the database, and more ways to present it, such as charts of drives w/ biggest areal density, weight of SSD's (just to mention stupid, but possible scenarios), and to revamp the Graphical User Interface... so it can look "cleaner" , such as's webpage, or apple. I really do miss storagereview's old glory days. I frequented the site maybe once every 2 months since drive reviews started to go away. btw, what did happen to Eugene?
  4. Read on overHERE and here What do you guys think about this? I would have no idea how much this MONSTER would cost!!!
  5. JPWRana

    Next Raptor model?

    I too wonder when the next raptor will come out. Even the new 1TB drives from Hitatchi, Western Digital, Seagate, and Samsung all have a platter design where just 1 platter holds more space than an entire Raptor. Seeing as how I heard recently that Western Digital has been able to increase areal density to 320GB / platter, this could be the back bone of the next raptor... who knows... they can also EASILY double the cache size too.
  6. Sam, that's how i felt too, but even then, Storagereview had never even bothered to put up in their website the news about these upcoming 1TB drives? What's this 2002 crash that i hear about in this thread?
  7. Is there a reason why Storage Review hasn't done a review for this drive yet? I remember with the latest Raptor, a full blown review was done the day it was released. I actually haven't heard much from this site lately. Only the forums stay alive.
  8. JPWRana

    Where, oh where, are the Terabyte drives

    I remember Hitachi earlier this year saying that they would have a 1TB drive by the end of this year... I guess to conmemorate the 50th yr anniversary of the HD. That was one of the major reasons why I would pop up here every day, since HD reviews and news are RARELY ever posted here now (and has been for a while). I guess it should come in like March.
  9. I am sorry, we do not allow the use of profanity in the SR forums. Please refrain from using the company name EMC in any future posts. Otherwise, you are absolutely correct. Hitachi is more about IO, rather than "plain old" storage. For 50TB of "plain old" storage, you can use just about any white box SATA->FC 4U arrays out there. That said, I'd never use them for an OLTP instance, and I'd never use them in a production environment where actual $$ are involved. BBH profanity? I was UNAWARE that the letters EMC next to each other was considered profanity. Can someone enlighten me as to what EMC actually spells out? I had thought it was used for Eistein's theory of relativity... or something like that. Since when has these 3 letters become a bad word?
  10. JPWRana

    Status of this site

    I agree... this site, although EXCELLENT at hard drive expertise, has been trailing on posting the latest news from anything hard drive related, and reviews are becoming rarer. I dont know if its because of budget reasons or personal reasons, but I end up looking more at theinquirer or anandtech for hard drive news than here anymore.
  11. JPWRana

    Any 15k.5 numbers yet?

    Holy shizzle! I was checking some of the numbers that Eugene put up on the database, and the minimum transfer rate is 82MB/s and the max is 135MB/s. This alone almost puts a full strain on SATA 1.0
  12. I thought these tips were nice. If anybody can add their personal experience or tips, that would be awesome.
  13. JPWRana

    Hitachi Announces New Deskstar HDDs

    Really looks like this is the best kept secret. I didn't found any additional information about these drives yet... lol... didn't FOUND any additional information
  14. I dont know if this could happen... that's why I'm asking the appropriate forum... but I take it that no one else knows... hence why NO ONE else (other than you sram) has bothered to apply
  15. really!?!? Nobody knows?!?!