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  1. HighwayWizard

    When did Eugene and company sell out?

    hi guys thanks for taking the corpse out of the ground! Yes I returned here cause my sister addressed me, having the good old problem with bad sectors on one of her hard drives. I told her I know a place to easily lookup the experience that other people had with her drive model, used the old SR bookmark and there it was ... the reliability database is there and actually alive! Haven't looked at the other articles and threads, but the BAR AND GRILL is definitely the place to be.. Funny also to read all the names I havent seen for about 10 years.. this is remarkable and nice! Ge.
  2. HighwayWizard

    Reliability Survey - doesn't work.

    Hi Magnus I just tried and it works just fine for me - as always. You are right that you have to login again also if you are already logged in to the forums. I think there must be an issue with you logon data, or maybe some ActiveX or Javascript Issue / your security settings? best regards Gerhard
  3. HighwayWizard

    Ibm Internal Mails About Gxp Issues Revealed

    hi alpha, I know. Have tried to delete the new post after I realised the other thread, but that feature is seems not available to me. Everybody feel free to ignore this one or answer. Hasn't the other thread gone a bit off-topic also?
  4. HighwayWizard

    Pls Recommend Disk-copy Program

    And how about S-ATA? Any restrictions for Knopix/Linux concerning S-ATA? damn, I think I should start a new thread :-(
  5. HighwayWizard

    Pls Recommend Disk-copy Program

    Which Version of Knopix do I need to read and write Windows XP NTFS partitions? Is Linux (which kernel) secure to read and write it?
  6. HighwayWizard

    Reliability Survey

    IMHO set both to "STOPPED USING" :-)
  7. Thanks Eugene, for the update on the IBM internal communication now revealed. This news is a shock for all of us who experienced the maximum credible accident with their PCs with IBM GXP harddrives. http://www.tech-report.com/onearticle.x/6292 I can't stand that IBM knowingly sells drives, rejected by OEM Partners, to the stupid masses instead. I hope this will cost them a fortune.
  8. HighwayWizard

    Evil Empire: USA

    Can only hope and pray you didn't mean ANYthing of this seriously.
  9. I like e_dawg's suggestion to improve the classification and ease of comparability of the test results. I think most people here have specific preferences on the criteria and need good tools for their comparison rather than veiling awards. On the other hand, I would understand SR to introduce such as for publicity reasons. :roll:
  10. HighwayWizard

    Evil Empire: USA

    don't be surprised when the next planes hit
  11. Hi fellows.. more than one year no problems with my deskstar*, I've realized that the SMART- Raw read error rate has been decreasing over the last one week, from 100 down to 99 - 98 - 97 , and now again it says 98. What does this mean? And.. can I do sth against it? Is this the near end? DTLA307045 Guess I gotta go shopping again soon!? :-(
  12. HighwayWizard

    Females here?

    SR provides an interesting survey on us registered users. [Gender:] 99% - male 2% - female makes 101% in the whole... probably there are 1% of both sexes ;-) .. hope I don't take home one of those :-) accidentally http://www.storagereview.com/demographics/...sults-full.html I don't remember having given them this information when registering. Maybe a good idea to update it from time to time
  13. HighwayWizard

    75GXP Whining - is this the end?

    I'd get the firmware upgrade if not yet done. My drive's up runnin with no problems since (toitoitoi...)
  14. HighwayWizard

    Is anyone using Windows Millennium?

    it's crap, as was any DOS-based windows MS made.
  15. HighwayWizard

    Postings on this Forum

    Forplay2k: don't worry about little mistakes, most people here will understand what you want to say and not at all bother about it. And if somebody makes troubles for it he should stop browsing forums and become a teacher or politician.