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  1. zepper

    Any hope for 15K SATA drives?

    Use a pair of Hitachi 7K80 SATA-300 (or Seagate 7200.10 drives if you can afford that) in RAID-0 - just be sure to keep good backups. Those will beat any single 15k SCSI drive except in random seek intensive apps. .bh.
  2. SR is starting to look irrelevant again... .bh.
  3. Where are your tests of the new perp recording drives? You guys at SR have been slacking off - let's get with it! .bh.
  4. zepper

    Test on Hitachi 7K80

    Yes, I read that thread before - part of what has stimulated my interest (besides having bought one prior to reading that thread just because it was cheap. But that's not here, is it? A little serendipity is always nice... .bh. ---------------------------------
  5. I'm asking the SR reviewers to have Hitachi send them a brace (4) of 7K80s to test. Run 'em singly and in RAID-0 up to 4 drives in a volume. Always nice to know if you guys verify the scuttlebutt around the Web with some reliable numbers. Whatcha think? Be great to have a poor-man's option if it pans out. Thanks, .bh.
  6. AAM isn't removed - it's the default. If you have TCQ support on your machine, you can get full speed/noise mode... Still not a very bright move by Seagate to remove any level of user control. Doesn't cost anything to leave it in (except a minor update to their tweaking utility). .bh. ----------------------- I don't think it's going to happen. Seagate removed AAM on purpose and I don't think that it's probable that such a "feature" is going to be turned on by third party tools. The question remains: why Seagate removed such a feature and why is trying to wipe out every trace of past achievements on that field. Just wondering... 204529[/snapback]
  7. Apparently SR.com's reviewers don't bother to check with the mfr. when their results don't jibe with what common sense tells them ought to be the case... This drive's top performance is only available in Queued mode. If you aren't running in queued mode, you are running in aam! Duuuuh. No wonder SR's results don't agree with the tests others have done. SR's rep ought to take a hit for this boner. .bh.
  8. :!: Samsung RAM is sold - K6-2/400 is Pending. .bh. [/b]
  9. :idea: . If you have been wanting to try Linux but the price and/or perceived complexity of a good commercial version was keeping you from it, then now might be the time for you to reconsider. Lindows and Xandros are among the easiest Linux distributions to install (far from the usual Debian indifference to newbies) and now the prices are within the reach of many more potential users. Xandros and Lindows are Debian based versions of Linux. . Xandros is the first product from a company that includes many of the team that created Corel Linux. They bought the Corel Linux code base from Corel and hammered on it for a year or so to make Xandros. Up to now, only the Deluxe edition was available for $100., but they recently released a Standard Edition* and are selling it for $40. +s/h. See the reviews on Distrowatch and ExtremeTech. For more reviews, google on: "xandros review" . . *The Standard Edition does not include the ability to resize NTFS partitions and the Windows compatibility software from Codeweavers. . Lindows has been around for awhile and it is now up to v.3.0. Lindows has also gotten some good reviews on ExtremeTech (click on the link above) and elsewhere - google on "lindows review" . . Until now it has only been available in the full "Membership" version which was selling for $100., but now they have come out with a Basic edition for a more reasonable $50. (dowload version) or $60. for a boxed version. This is the same version that is installed OEM by several system integrators around the country and it has some limitations relative to the "full" . The Lindows site will point these out. .-->> Be aware that the download version is only for those with high speed internet connections as Lindows is one or two full CDs worth of data. Take a look! .bh.
  10. zepper


    My Heatware is back: HEAT
  11. Sale Pending On Samsung SDRAM. .b.h.
  12. :idea: 32MB PC100 SDRAM ECC DIMM. Made up of 18-16Mbit TI chips. Asking $10. +s/h. .bh.