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  1. I have a Highpoint RocketRaid 2722 that has been fairly reliable for years. Suddenly last week the software control panel GUI just stopped working. I enter the address in the browser: http://localhost:7402. The browser searches for it for quite a while and then reports "Webpage not availble." I tried this in both Chrome and Firefox, same results. I downloaded the software again, double checking that it was the GUI for OS Lion and the 27xx series. Uninstalled and reinstalled, no results. Any ideas? Of course I tried Highpoint support, but as usual, the don't reply at all. Second issue: I hate that annoying sustained beep that goes off when you eject a disk from the external storage (in this case a Granite Digital 4-bay Sata enclosure). I want it dead. I have found the beeper on the PCI card. Anyone know of a way to kill it -- without damaging the rest of the functions of course. Thanks