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  1. Hard disks in use around Y2K were likely to use mechanical ball bearings. I dont think the risk is as big with a modern fluid bearing - its basically a greased axle. Of course, this only applies as long as the seals hold.
  2. Yxan

    1TB HDD for storage?

    IIRC it was when they were new, someone compared max transfer rate between a GP and a regular 7200 rpm. But your information is of bettter quality than mine, so you are right, they are 5400 rpm.
  3. Yxan

    1TB HDD for storage?

    Samsung Ecogreen are 5400 rpm, WD GP are 5760 rpm AFAIK.
  4. Yxan

    7200.11 500GB drive failures?

    That thread did have some useful information. It seems almost all malfunctioning disks have a serial number starting with 9Q with the occasional 5Q. I have a 7200.11 500 gig with a serial number beginning with 6Q. Judging by other posts, I think its a physically related fault and not a firmware problem - the cause is possibly a misaligned head wiping out the firmware when writing along the edge of the disk. If so, its would fit with some people saying their data resuce experts told them that the cause was a "weak head" and other saying that the disk can be made working again (but its probably going to trash the firmware again). It could be possible to work around this by making an empty partition that will put some distance between the firmware tracks and the user tracks. On the other hand, if this is the problem, the disk will likely trash data eventually. Its probably a quality issue with assembly or subcontractor supplier in Seagates Thailand fab. The infamous deathstar was also a quality issue in an IBM Hungarian fab. So, avoid 7200.11 (or .12) that are made in Thailand for now.
  5. Perhaps you need the "enablebigLBA" tweak in windows.
  6. http://www.seagate.com/ww/v/index.jsp?loca...000f5ee0a0aRCRD The 7200.12 series with 500GB/platter. But i can imagine that the density varies with the models similar to the 7200.11. Perhaps the 750GB drive gets 2*375GB. Either that, or 2 500 gig platters and 3 heads, as it used to be before creative marketing. But that would imply a 1 TB drive in the works. I suspect is harder and harder to make the mechanical tolerance thats required for super high density drives. If true, this would imply that future multi-platter drives are going to be slower (5400 rpm or even less) to reduce vibrations while fast 7200 rpm drives will be single platter. Any hard drive engineer with insights?
  7. Yxan

    major seagte failure

    The Asus N series motherboard uses Nvidia chipsets and are thus equipped with Nvidia disk controllers + eventual 3p controller. Nvidia makes chipsets for both Intel and AMD cpus. Anyway, I now dont think there is a compability issue if this happens both on intel and nivida disk controllers. I've read a bit more on various boards about this problem and I am not so sure its a firmware problem. Did any of you run self tests/checked smart etc before your disks vent up? I have one of these 7200.11 500 gig seagates with SD 15 and it passes SMART and seatool tests. Modern disks with high platter density require better and better mechanics and I suspect its simply a quality issue in Seagates fabrication lines.
  8. Yxan

    major seagte failure

    WinXP SP3; ran in IDE compat mode; SATA I (jumper still there), firmware SD15 It feels like after 2 months all the drives die, lol. What kind of disk controller did you use. Intel onboard? AMD onboard? etc. I don't know what type of disk controller it is, probably Intel onboard. Below is my system setup: - 500 W PSU (OCZ500SXS) - GA-EP45-UD3P with E8400 - MSI R4850-512MB - three SATA hard drives (7200.11, 7200.9, WD Green) - 2x1gb OCZ memory DDR2 800 If you put your disks into the yellow connectors, you used the onboard intel controller.
  9. Yxan

    major seagte failure

    WinXP SP3; ran in IDE compat mode; SATA I (jumper still there), firmware SD15 It feels like after 2 months all the drives die, lol. What kind of disk controller did you use. Intel onboard? AMD onboard? etc.
  10. Yxan

    major seagte failure

    Since this is a supposed firmware issue, perhaps it only arises in certain combinations of hardware and software? Could you who have had typical failures state your OS, if you run your disk in SATA 1 or 2 mode (I suppose "ide compability mode", which i run my seagate 7200.11 in, is sata 1) and the brand of disk controller you use. Perhaps some older firmware lack this bug? Is it possible to downgrade seagate firmware?
  11. Yxan

    Die Maxtor Die

    Is your computer connected to a grounded outlet? Is it equipped with surge protection?
  12. It seems to be sick. Heres the smart status report and hdtach. According to SMART dechipered my drive seems to get a lot of off track errors. There are occasionally some attribute 203 but its at 0 for 99% of the time. I get about 20-25 hardware ECC recovered per second when doing disk read tests. Notice no write errors and no broken or reallocated sectors. The drive works, its just that it seems to hold together with ECC. It was like that when it was new too so what gives. I had a friend with an 80 gig dmax 9 do a smart report and his drive had some attribute 201 and lots of ecc corrections too. Is this typical of modern 7200 rpm drives? My other drives doesnt make tons of ECC corrections but they are 5400 rpms. The HD tach graph shows library drive (blue) vs mine (red). BTW, my drive was made in singapore 24 nov 2003. -------------------------[Device information]------------------------- Physical drive: 1 Compatiblity: ATA/ATAPI-7 minor version 001Eh Model: Maxtor 6Y200P0 Firmware revision: YAR41BW0 Serial number: Y61SFSAE Disk capacity: 128.00 Gb (268435455 sectors) Buffer size: 7936 Kb Identify information CRC: Ok ----------------------[Device S.M.A.R.T. status]---------------------- Attribute Value Thresh Raw Flags ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Spin up time 172 63 0000000052E5h CR OC PR SP Start/stop count 253 0 000000000072h OC EC SP Reallocated sector count 253 63 000000000000h CR OC EC SP Read channel margin 253 100 000000000000h CR Seek error rate 253 0 000000000000h OC ER Seek time performance 252 187 000000008F86h CR OC PR SP Power-on time count 239 0 000000007982h OC EC SP Spin up retry count 253 157 000000000000h CR OC ER SP Recalibration retries 253 223 000000000000h CR OC ER SP Device power cycle count 253 0 000000000172h OC EC SP Power-off retract count 253 0 000000000000h OC EC SP Load/unload cycle count 253 0 000000000000h OC EC SP Temperature 253 0 000000000024h OC EC SP Hardware ECC recovered 253 0 000000000562h OC ER Reallocation event count 253 0 000000000000h ER Current pending sector count 253 0 000000000000h ER Off-line uncorrectable sector count 253 0 000000000000h ER Ultra ATA CRC error rate 199 0 000000000000h ER Write error rate 253 0 000000000000h OC ER Attribute 201 253 0 000000000042h OC ER Attribute 202 253 0 000000000000h OC ER Attribute 203 253 180 000000000000h CR OC ER Attribute 204 253 0 000000000000h OC ER Attribute 205 253 0 000000000000h OC ER Attribute 207 253 0 000000000000h OC ER SP Attribute 208 253 0 000000000000h OC ER SP Attribute 209 194 0 000000000000h PR SP Attribute 99 253 0 000000000000h PR Attribute 100 253 0 000000000000h PR Attribute 101 253 0 000000000000h PR ---------------------------------------------------------------------- CR-life critical OC-online collection PR-performance related ER-error rate EC-event count SP-self preserving Attributes CRC: Ok Thresholds CRC: Ok --------------------------[Device features]--------------------------- Maximal transfer block in sectors: 16, current: 16 Transfer modes: PIO: 0-4 Single word DMA: not supported Multi word DMA: 0-2 UltraDMA: 0-6 Current transfer mode: Ultra DMA-5 Drive features: LBA supported, 48 bit addressing supported SMART supported, enabled Device status: Ok Attributes structure revision: 10h Thresholds structure revision: 10h Pre-power mode attributes autosave supported Attributes autosave after event supported Temperature check capability found SMART error logging supported Log directory not supported Summary SMART error log not supported Comprehensive SMART error log not supported SMART self-test error log not supported SMART self test supported Offline data collection supported Suspend offline collection after new host command Offline read scanning supported Offline self test supported Security mode supported, disabled Master password revision code: unknown Security locked: no Security frozen: no Security count expired: no Security erase time: unknown Enchanced security erase not supported Security level: high Write cache supported, enabled Read look ahead supported, enabled Host protected area supported, enabled Microcode downloading supported Power management supported, enabled Advanced power management supported, disabled Automatic acoustic management supported, enabled Recommended AAM value: C0h (medium acoustic emanation level) Current AAM value: 80h (minimum acoustic emanation level) Media serial number not supported ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Yxan

    Nvidia 6800 Ultra on 4X AGP

    Forget worrying about your 4x agp slot, agp speed matters very little since the onboad ram has more than 10x the bandwidth. BTW, you can stick an 8x card in a 4x slot but not in a 2x slot. A FX5950 was the worst possible card you could have bought, its only 4 shader pipes/raster ops processors which is half of its ATI equvivalant, the 9800 pro. The entire 5xxx series of Nvidia cards were turds. You didnt research and got pwned. T00l! I suggest you switch to a 939 system and a 3000+ and some pci-E gfx card. You can keep your current ram, just increase the memory divisor, then when you feel rich you can replace it with top notch 500 mhz ram.The 6600 GT (for budget) or 6800 regular or the ATI 800 series cards should keep you happy. Be aware that the video encoder processor of the NV40 is broken. I suggest you visit www.beyond3d.com and read up about gfx cards.
  14. komplett.se lists them now. Seems like they will show up in retail sometime during april.
  15. Are you sure about your other drives running udma6? ATA-133 was/is a maxtor promoted speciality.