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    Samsung 840 PRO over provisioning ?

    Thanks a lot continuum and Beenthere for your answers !!. I will the SSD as it is right now, with the defualt 10% as it seems is the best scenario. Regards.
  2. turco2025

    Samsung 840 PRO over provisioning ?

    hello Bytebite, I'm actually with only 40GB free in my disk and I think that is the average value due to the VM I will have in my system. In this case It will necessary to add more op space ( apart from the default 10% ) ?. Regards.
  3. turco2025

    Samsung 840 PRO over provisioning ?

    Hello ditrc70, thanks for the reply. Right now the disk has the 10% recomended assigned, it's by default so the disk has right now 476GB for use. My question goes if it'a really useful to add more space with the overprovisioning, I mean, the current 10% + 10% more from unallocated space ??. Regards.
  4. Hello, first of all sorry for my english. I recently brought a Samsung 840 Pro 512GB model, by default it's has a 9-10% not available for the user and it's used ( as far as I know ) for internal use of the controller ( garbage collection, etc ). In some articles, forums, etc people is starting to leave unpartitioned space of the disk for over provisioning via the Magician Software of Samsung. I used all the space available by the drive ( 476GB ) so I don't know if maybe i need to repartition the disk just for leaving son space for over provisioning. I used my computer primarly for Virtual Machines, for testing, training, etc so I don't know if this over provisioning could help or not. Normally the average free space on my disk is about 20% of the total. Thanks in advance. Regards.