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  1. Helpme

    Recertified Cheetah 15k.3

    I have a new one and a refurbed one (bought the refurbed one from a user who had received it as an RMA). Both are working fine. These are X15-36LPs, not 15k.3s, but still segate.
  2. I have more or less the same problem with the same disk. I also have two Seagate X15-36LPs on the same SCSI channel which do not exibit this problem. I have used the drivebench made here by a member of these forums to identify the problem. I am using windows 2003 server with the enhance disk performance checkbox on (that does the same thing as CASs filter, which I have used in 2k and xp before with the same results).
  3. Helpme


    The only problem with the two X15-36LPs that I have had are with the SCSI IDs. When I added a Maxtor 10K III to an existing X15-36, they set their scsi IDs automatically. When I added another X15-36LP I had to jumper one of them to a specific SCSI ID. I thought they were suppose to auto negoiate, but I guess not.
  4. Helpme

    Solaris video issues

    Is the program running on another solaris machine? Do you have all the required fonts? Did the program hang? Are you exporting the display properly? ssh -X user@host can take care of that for you. Have you tried a windows Xserver such as Exceed, or a linux Xserver?
  5. Helpme

    Giving up on Antivirus software

    I have been using it too.
  6. Helpme

    Help with an external SCSI box

    Any word on where I should buy the short replacement cable for inside the box?
  7. Helpme

    Help with an external SCSI box

    hack my cables?
  8. Helpme

    Help with an external SCSI box

    Forgot to add: Where should I get the replacment cable from? it needs to be female on the outside but male on the inside so the external cable can hook up to it.
  9. Helpme

    Help with an external SCSI box

    I need to try to do this to eliminate the power supply from the problem list. However, if I just plug one drive into the top position of the cabling inside the box, it still fails.
  10. Helpme

    Help with an external SCSI box

    I also noticed that the cabling inside the box and trays is not the same orange twisted pair style cabling that I use inside my regular computer case. The cabling looks more like IDE flat cabling where each wire is just stuck to the next one side by side instead of being twisted to the one next to it. This should have nothing to do with it, correct?
  11. Helpme

    Help with an external SCSI box

    Ah, so perhaps it's not strong enough to handle two drives?
  12. Ok, here's the situation: A two drive 5.25" external case with 80w Power supply (you've all seen them before). It has internal 68 pin cabling, two positions. Two Drive trays for 68 pin drives (the kind with a keylock on the tray that also turns the drive on and off, and has a power and hdd busy led) External 68 pin Cable LVD external terminator I picked up all of this from a guy on Anandtech, for only 45$ shipped. He said that he couldn't get it to work, and just wanted to get a rounded SCSI cable and terminator out of the deal and would take 45$ for the whole thing. That being said, I figured there was just some mis configuration on his part that was preventing his drives from working (he said he was new to SCSI). Now I have the enclosure in my hands, and I think I have narrowed a problem (possibly what he was having) and would like to hear other opinions/where to get replacement parts. ---------- Here is what I was using previous: 1 Seagate X15-36LP 68 pin 1 Maxtor Atlas 10K III 68 pin 1 LSI U160 single channel 64-bit card in a 64-bit / 33 mhz slot 1 Internal SCSI cable with terminator Both drives installed on the same cable, no SCSI IDs hardwired with jumpers. Terminator at the end of the cable. I know all of these components to be working, since they are in my machine. --------------- Here's what happened when I tried to install the two drives into the external box: The drives are not hard set (with jumpers) to SCSI IDs, the box is terminated on the outside with an external terminator. 1)When plugging in the two drive trays, the setup will only work when the bottom drive is plugged in. If both drives are plugged in (their trays inserted, not necessarly on or off) the SCSI card will freeze during detection. 2)If the top bay is unplugged, or the tray removed, both drives will detect and work fine in the bottom bay. The hot swap tray can simply be plugged into the bottom, and both work as long as one is not plugged into the top. This leads me to believe that the trays themself are fine. 3)If the drive bays are removed, and the drives plugged directly into the cables, the same behavior is exibited. The bottom postion on the cable will work fine, as long as nothing is plugged into the top position. Plugging a drive into the top position only does not work either. This leads me to believe that it is not the drive bays that are causing the problem. This also tells me that the SCSI ID assigning shouldn't be a problem either, because this is basically the same as me plugging the drives in as I normally have them. From this, I concluded that the cabling inside the box is possibly bad. Perhaps the crimping for the top position inside the box has come apart? Does this seem like the right conclusion based on these facts? If so, where should I get a replacement internal cable (since it needs the male connector on the outside of the box)? If not please suggest your solution or ask me to try something to test so we can have more info. Thanks!
  13. Helpme

    WD Raptor worth getting?

    I think the current USB 2.0 IDE bridges that manufactures use top out at around 16mB/s I have a QUE usb 2.0 80GB with a IBM 120GXP inside (it came like that). All QUE clames is 16mB/s max sustained.
  14. Helpme

    Raptor Cache Disabled?

    I think it says it for all non ide devices in boot vis. It does it to my SCSI drives too, yet write cache is enabled once booted.