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  1. The performance is not double a single 75 GXP, and may not even be as good as the striped array you have, but using a single 800JB would give me a lot more peace of mind than a STRIPED 75GXP array.
  2. e1000

    Apology to Iraq?

    I can't say that I agree with the above statement. Although WE may feel that Saddam is an unfair, brutal ruler, the citizens of Iraq may very well have a different view of the situation. Even if they don't like him, I don't think they are cheering us on when we are rolling through thier country. Please keep in mind that although our goal is to liberate Iraq, to the Iraqi people it will seem like an invasion.
  3. e1000

    Centroni is Here!

    the new Dell Latitude D series laptops are Centrino platforms. The D800 has the same WUXGA screen as well. The D600 has a similar screen to the Sony and is a closer comparison.
  4. e1000

    Centroni is Here!

    LOL - 1GB L2 - I wish - I assume you meant the correct 1MB L2 anyway, The "Centrino" designation will only apply to those platforms that take advantage of the Pentium-M processor, the 855 chipset, AND the Intel 802.11b mini-PCI card. If any one of these components are missing, that laptop will not be considered to be a Centrino laptop. One major advantage of the Centrino platform is that from day 1 it has been developed with mobile computing in mind. This means increased battery life and performance optimized for applications typically used on laptops. Even the first batch of Centrino laptops are considerable thinner than those they replace. Batter life differences are dramatic as well, some even doubling usable battery life.
  5. what's to stop them from renaming an exe file to doc and then naming it back again once transferred? I really think this is more a management issue. You must remember these are adults you are dealing with. If they can't be treated as adults, they may not be worty employees.
  6. e1000

    ram question

    couldn't have said it better pgppuppy, you're missing the whole point of the advice here. Upgrading your hardware is not the issue. You are using the wrong OS for the job. Running a virtual linux machine won't help anything either - virtual evironments are largely inefficient.
  7. you can delete the XP partition and increase the size of the 98 FAT32 partition with no adverse effects. If you delete the NT specific files as the above post suggested, you will need to replace the MBR (fdisk /MBR) and put DOS boot files on the 98 partition from a bootable disk (sys a: c:) If you don't feel like doing that, I would just leave the files as they are - they aren't really going to hurt anything. You may want to edit your boot.ini file and set the timeout to 0.
  8. How very true, and the WTC is the most recent example of this. While I can hardly call the use of relative weak floor trusses and lack of adequate fireproofing of the stairwells a design mistake, it was a huge oversight. They actually did anticipate a 707 flying into the buildings, but didn't consider the impact of the fuel fire. Perhaps if they had, the buildings would have stood another hour or two, and those trapped on the upper floors would have had a chance to escape. Still, I really can't fault them too much-the buildings stood long enough for over 20,000 to get out despite sustaining an impact of a much larger plane than they were designed for, and also going much faster. And then of course there are the real mistakes. I department store collapsed in either Hong Kong or Korea, and a couple of hundred people died. Then we have the classic example-the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. While nobody died in that one, it was certainly a graphic illustration of why wind forces needs to be taken into account. And what about the railroad trestle that collapsed sometime in the 1800s, killing everyone on the train? Sadly, the list goes on and on, although more people die annually from doctors' mistakes than from all the engineering mishaps combined in the last century, and this nonsense of working doctors for 80 to 100 hours per week is largely to blame. It's far too easy to make silly mistakes when you've been sleep deprived for weeks at a time. Can't really agree with you on some of these points. When the WTC was beeing built (1966-1973) engineers did not have the same materials/technology they do today. I don't see how you can expect someone to forcast future inventions. The building that collapsed in Korea was not due to a design flaw, rather, contractors that do not build things to specifications. This happens due to the fact that goverment officials that decide who get the contract and do inspections on buildings are both paid off by contractors. Can't entirely blame the engineers on this one. I do agree however the Tacoma Narrows bridge was the fault of the engineer. Aerodynamics should have been taken into consideration when building that bridge and it wasn't.
  9. e1000

    Wireless Optical Mouse Woes....

    i agree - i think you have a bad mouse. there's a support number to microsoft, if you call them and read them some numbers off of the mouse, they'll replace the mouse for you.
  10. e1000

    Avoiding the PCI bottleneck...

    WOW! you guys seem pretty confident dishing up information without asking what motherboard he has or even what chipset he runs.
  11. oops - disregard my previous post I was in a similar situation a while back - had to pull the HDD and put it into another laptop, formatted and copied the setup files and started from there.
  12. If it boots to the CD - you can install windows straight from there.
  13. e1000

    stupid IE problem

    i've noticed the disappearing status bar as well. haven't looked for a fix tho.
  14. Here's what's going on. Windows 98 must be on the first primary partition or it will throw a fit. To be exact, the Windows 98 boot environment must be on the first primary (visible) partition. So when you create the swap, then install windows 98, it is actually setting up the boot environment on the swap partition. So, back to your problem. having a swap file on a separate partition but on the same drive will have a negative affect on performance. I suggest you just get rid of your swap partition and keep your 98 as the first primary, XP as your first extended, and your data as the second extened partitions. If you really really really want the Swap, 98, XP, data setup, if you image the swap partition that works on the other system (the one you created swap then 98, then XP) and restore it on the drive that you are trying to make work, it SHOULD work. The NT bootloader is fine for most things, it's just that you need to figure out how it works. If you want to go with a third party bootloader, i suggest XOSL, it's free and it gets the job done.
  15. this isn't really that difficult. You can have as many (barring you run out of drive letters) installations of NT/2000/XP running happily with the NT boot loader. Problems only occur when you are trying to put two versions of windows based on 9x on the same drive.