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  1. Hmm, cock up or conspiracy. Not that it makes any difference, not that either option could in any way be viewed as less that ignoble. But I tend to think the parcelling up and out of the middle east at the end of empire has more to do with England’s institutionalised racism than with a policy of divide and rule. At that time the view that “The wogs begin at Calais” was by no means uncommon particularly in those sections of the British establishment that were primarily concerned with overseas possessions. I would like to apologise to any who feel offended by any of the terms in this post. I used the words I used only because they are, in this, thankfully historical, context the most apt.
  2. Yes, the vast majority of people do seem to be as thick as pigshit, until you get them talking about sports. My point is that a lack of inteligence is not the reason why people are so painfuly ignorant. As far as I can see that's down to a culture, certainly in the uk, that doesnt value education for its own sake, sure its usefull to get a good job but a desire for knowledge for knowledges sake is viewed as somehow aabnormal. Combined with an education system that takes no account of the developmental progression that children actually follow. For example as a general rule boys don't develope the fine motor controll needed to write until they're around seven or eight, and yet in the first two years of school hundreds of hours are effectivly wasted trying to teach them to write, when a, theres a whole bunch of things that can be learnt better at that age than any other and b, if you wait untill they're eight or so before teaching them to write then, by the time they're ten they will write far better than if you'd taught them from the age of five. There's a similar effect with most other subjects. Given the present system and the culture in which it functions you end up with most people, however much potential they had, however much they still retain, who simply don't think.
  3. Hmm, the reason i mentiond Ringworld, excellent thought that book is, was more to do with the prequils in that series in which a society is envisioned where any convicted criminal is excecuted and their organs "harvested" for transplants. As to the meat of this thread, its gonna take me a little time to order my thoughts and compose a response.
  4. We (the UK) tried that and what happens is that after a while the majority of people on the island have committed no crime, or at least never been convicted, they organise themselves and eventually gain independence at which point they start to ruthlessly beat you at cricket, rugby and lately even football.( football! apparently nothing is sacred). almost entirely irrelevantly, have you read any of Larry nivens ringworld universe novels (there’s several but the only title that springs to mind is "a gift from earth"), or Molieres "the Misanthrope". I think you might enjoy them
  5. It sounds like you've got the same problem my dad had. Have you tried temporarily setting the refresh rate as close to the mains frequency as possible? The reason I ask is that when i did this on my dads machine the problem got much much worse. Putting the refresh well away from mains radically reduced the problem, as did moving the system away from the particular in wall mains wires that it was right next to.
  6. fool

    Insomnia anyone?

    But if I cure my insomnia when am I supposed to visit SR?
  7. fool

    The Times They Are A Changing

    A quiet PC that does all those day to day forum flaming task’s without dimming the house lights at boot up ? Is this not the birth of a new computing phenomenon? Do you know I really think it is. My lords ladies and gentlemen pray silence and be upstanding, I give you the birth of ........UNDERCLOCKING!! But really though, why not?
  8. Tea, I could conceivebly be wrong, but isn't the "shoulders of giants " qoute from Newton rather than Einstein?
  9. A politician not thinking about re-election? surely some mistake
  10. fool

    New WTC Plans

    Replica towers in bagdad post takeover?!?!?!? ,(just about all of the emoticons simultaniously). Please , please, please read "The Prince" and consider( I would say reconsider but....) the probable impresion theat would have on all those people who have no great reason to love the U.S. but no overridding reason to hate y'all.
  11. :roll: Silly me, living up to the obvious connotation of my name again, I forgot to say that G.W.Bush will go to war regardless of what anyone else says because, well ask your self what his odds of re-elction are if he backs out now are, not even Jeb could swing that one for him. Yours hoping I've not bored you all to death through excess verbosity (I'm in the middle of Swanns way, it must be rubbing of) Fool.
  12. O.k. I may well be somewhat off topic, but theres a couple (maybe more) points I feel like making. There's a UNHCR report that's been sent to a shedload of governments containing estimates of the number of civillian deaths and injuries, dispalced persons etc, that are likely in the event of a U.S. led invasion of Iraq. It was sent, reputedly, as a begging letter to get the recipient governments to cough up some cash. The point is they estimate that there will be in the region of 500,000 civilian casualties and millions of refugess, that figure does not assume that U.S./U.K./whoever else joins in, soldiers are, to a man, barbarian savages but does take into account the appalingly low standard of health "enjoyed" by the vast bulk of the Iraqi populace as a result of Saddams response to a decade of sanctions. Given that the average Iraqi doesn't have accses to anything even remotly aproximating to unbiased news, and that therefore there's a high probability that their judgemantal baseline inclines them to, at least tacitly, endose whatever Mr Hussein is telling them, are we not about to become the most effective recruting tool that Bin Laden, or for that matter any other nutcase who want's to start a Jihad, has ever had? I guess my point, in short, Is how are the actions currently being proposed by the U.S. addministration going to make the world a safer place. Because I'm damned If I can see how that will happen and I have a horrible feeling that this "war" on terror is going to be just like the war on drugs; i.e. spend lots of money, make lots of speaches, achive bu***r all (this is a family website isnt it?). Now that I come to think about it, another thing that bugs me is that I just don't buy the reasons that are being given for war. No I'm not saying that Saddam is in any way anything other than an abominable discrace to his people, his country and his species, but if that by itself were sufficent reason for intervension, what about Mugabe (currently starving to death anyone who didn't vote for him) or Surhato ((I just know I spelt that name wrong) twenty years of genocide in East Timor). Or that he's either got or is developing weapons of mass destruction, well no stinker sherlock, but if wer'e going to get all hot and bothered about the non-proliferation treaty or the various international agrrements concerning chemical and biological weapons, shouldn't we first off be saying some very uncomplimentary things to Israel and futhermore how is it that the most likely source of the anthrax used in the U.S. just recently was, um, U.S. defence research facilitys. Incidenly I don't feel the French need to take that much stick from a bunch of latecomers :wink: O.K. I've donned my asbestos suit, flame away.