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    Proof of God's Existence

    Your welcome, and thank you for being the first, and probaly the last, person to ever describe something I wrote as having an economy of words.
  2. IIRC by the time the krau , um I mean our German friends got to Paris the fro, er, make that our gallant French allies had more or less ceased with the inhospitableness, but then I just another po er lime er rosbee er Englishman so what do I know?
  3. charitable, dagnamit, charitable.
  4. fool

    Proof of God's Existence

    two things to say while I go and read the source, "This phenomenon of galaxies moving farther away from each other is known as the red shift." is just plain sloppy. The fact that the galaxies are moving apart gives rise to redshift, which is the phenomenon of etc, would be far better. and " But centuries from now, will the human race compare us to those who once thought of the Earth as the centre of the universe?" I hope so.
  5. fool

    Proof of God's Existence

    IIRC, The work that brought Hawking to prominence was his proof (along with someone whose name I embarrassingly forget) that time is/was concomitant with the big bang. In which case one cannot apply the concept of “before” to any events in some way prior to the big bang. So yes the big bang is "the beginning of all, including all matter, as we know it." but also the beginning of time as we know it. FWIW, to my mind the chief attraction of a "scientific" worldview, as opposed to a " religious" worldview, is that the former states; This is what we know, to within these limits, and we're working on the rest. The latter; This is how it is, end of discussion.
  6. fool

    DriveZilla is Dead...

    Welcome and ouch! unfortunatly Will and dd are right.
  7. fool

    Quiet Computing

    Well, being the cheapskate that I am, I chose an sk7 because it was ( comparatively) cheap and got a damn good score in dans great big list of CPU coolers. Looking at the swiftech 462 plus, I don’t think you're going to see a huge difference between that and either alpha or thermalrights top models, unless your overclocking to the point where you want liquid nitrogen, which, as this is for retail, your probably not. Strange thought: Is there not some small local business that could make up a bunch of shrouds/ducts for you?
  8. fool

    Audio Solution?

    Whichever of one or two sounds best to you. Without knowing what your amp/speakers are, its hard to say if you'd get any benefit from an audigy or better card. Assuming the Awe64 is a pci card, it might be worth considering what else you've got on the PCI bus, if you do have something on there that eats up its bandwidth you're probably better of with the on mobo sound.
  9. fool

    Quiet Computing

    Sorry, as is usually the case, this is for retail machines. Quiet computing is still something the major vendors haven't figured out yet. And I'll check the link, thanks. Ah, well in that case I'm sorry to report I don't know of any suitable ducts . If I see one I'll stick a link up here though.
  10. fool

    Proof of God's Existence

    I tried simple, but people could tell what I was on about. Couldn't be doing with that.
  11. fool

    Quiet Computing

    First off, check out silentpc secondly thermalright sk7 with a quiet 80mm fan, beats the expletive deleted out of a flower for less moolah, and if cash isn't the problem and you don't want to go to watercooling or some other exotic solution, get a better thermalright. WRT ducts for a 120mm fan, couln't you blue peter it with ano empty cornflakes box and some duct tape?
  12. fool

    Proof of God's Existence

    Surely its the conservation of energy, although one could argue that, in light of deltaE=deltaMC^2, the two terms are synonymous, I always found* it more useful to think of mass as being a subset of energy. *I say found as were I forced to name my faith I would probably respond with a cold look and the words lapsed reductionist.
  13. "Thessaloniki, region of Macedonia (the real Greek Macedonia...)" as in Phillip and Alexander, right? Next time I'm in Rome, I'll bring the beer, you the retsina, and we'll talk about all the things Rome nicked from your forefathers. " But wherever I've been in Europe I always had this cosy feeling of being understood... it was something I didn't feel when I travelled to California, for example. USA seemed different from Europe. Being European is a second nature, not confronting my nationality, but enriching it." Yeah, I may be erudite perhaps even eloquent, ( the less than chritable among you may settle for long winded), but I can't help feeling you just said most of what I did in far fewer words.
  14. The thing is, for EU to succeed you might start thinking less about your country and more about Europe as a unique entity. I don't want to give away completely my national identity either, but being less of a nationalist helps comprehend and understand my European peers. I don't want a Europe like the Soviet Union, I dream of a federal Europe, where every little nation contributes its own color on the map, but where its citizens can travel, work, and prosper to any part of it without restrains of any kind. True enough Prof., one of these days I'm going to have to write myself a "foolish to English" dictionary. In the absence of that though, and asking you all to take the limitations of my ad hoc internal translation into account, what I really care about is self determination, which, almost paradoxically, is apparently only realisable as part of a group. So which grouping should I align myself to?(No, wrong word,) I mean to which group should I pledge my troth? And I can see two obvious ways to weigh that question; Pragmatically; which is most likely to be best able to furnish me with a goodly measure of self determination, ( subject, of course to the need for the will of the group as a whole to take precedence over the will of any one individual( Sort of, but not quite, like a PCI bus' overhead?))? Answer, EU, version 2.x ( the one where every member state is in the Euro, where there is a common defence force and policy, where every politician with the power to personally influence Union policy is directly and democratically accountable to all us proles.). Emotionally; If I ask myself what group I feel I belong to, then the answer is no more Europe than it is England. The answer is Sussex, well East Sussex actually, oh alright then Lewes(and surrounding area). Its where I was born, where I grew up, where I feel I belong, and the only place I feel that my life really makes sense. Which puts me in the position of having to try and judge what’s best for Lewes, which brings me back to the EU. So, while I wouldn't call myself a nationalist, more a regionalist ( or even subregionalist), I don't think I'm able to give up that emotional ascociation without denaturing myself. Having previewed this post, and therefore reread what I'm quoting from you, I realise I still haven't addressed the point My conception of the small corner of England I call home is a conception of a variation on the theme Europe, albeit with one or two piquancies that make it particularly dear to my heart. For me, a healthy Lewes is necessarily a patch of the quilt that is Europe, and though our dyes may differ, we are of the same stuff. Oh and WRT FS & Rosenburgs jests, I was going to say "plus ca change", but thought it a touch too obvious
  15. fool

    New forum: Religion

    Perhaps I should start a petition to get the forum rechristened the bar, grill and pulpit? [/idle tought]
  16. Hope you find this helpful For what its worth, in your position I'd probably get either a ti4200 or a 9600pro (which whould then get overclocked to within an inch of instability), and then when D3 comes out, I'd think about whether I really wanted another card. (which whould take all of five seconds for me to answer yes).
  17. sorry Will, what was it you were saying? I don't think any one measure would completely eliminate the repetition of threads. But if this, or any other measures you can think of, would reduce the frequency, that’s got to be worth the little time it would take to write.
  18. Perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea to point out the existence of the search facilities, FAQ’s, etc in the email that gets sent out when someone registers. Of course you'd need to word it fairly carefully to avoid offending people before they've even posted, but that shouldn't be too difficult.
  19. fool

    Should I Keep XP Pro ?

    exactly. What were you running five years ago? apart from the activation issue, which do you prefer?
  20. fool

    advice for me

    Oh, and good luck.
  21. fool

    advice for me

    Arrrrrgh. Sorry, I was just remembering adolescence. As to your situation, ask him. I can’t say what will happen if you do, but if you neither of you ask (which, as he doesn’t go to your school, basically means if you don’t ask), you’ll always wonder what would have happened if you had. If this guy is worth knowing, and you’re best placed to judge that, then whatever his answer it won’t be insurmountably awkward when you see each other with your families, and whatever happens you’ll learn a whole bunch of stuff.
  22. When I said (since the end of WW2) I should have said, (since the end of the cold war), up until which point our policy should, needed must've*1, have been conducted with a high degree of adroit manoeuvring. *1, and ketchup. well how would you put the phrase " needs must" into the past tense?
  23. Not that I wish to disabuse the good professor of his favourable impression of me but, first of all I think the caveat I listed is a pretty big if, and in the absence of a making good of the democratic deficit, European integration is, IMO, a waste of time at best. Also, British foreign policy had traditionally boiled down to making an alliance with the second most powerful European nation*1, in order to prevent any one nation gaining an overwhelming advantage. This policy, I feel, has served my country rather well. Right now, ( well more or less since WW2 ), that means much closer integration with Europe to counterbalance the dominance of the U.S.A. *1 and therefore, for most of the last millennium, by extension the second most powerful nation in the world