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  1. fool

    Good Sata Raid 5 Controller

    Seal, if your the same Seal who's over at SPCR, then your in the UK. where 3ware stuff is only slightly more accessible than hens teeth. in which case hamiltone (look under RAID) is the most reliable vendor I know of that sells the stuff. (I’d hate for you to end up deciding against 3ware on the grounds that you can’t find the damn things.)
  2. Is there an equivalent offence in the US to our “impersonating a police officer� I ask because, as a general rule, I give more credence to a request to a police officer than I do to a request from A.N.Other. It seems to me that the parking lot guy, if he was unsure of the details of his legal rights and obligations, was far more likely to incriminate himself than he would otherwise have been due to the apparel of his interrogators. F’vo, you make me very sad.
  3. Reminds me of the story of Dr W.C. Minor
  4. F’vo, quite apart from the points already raised that, I feel, amply demonstrate the flaws in your idea, I don’t think that any society can survive if the values it holds are undermined from within. Especially if the undermining process takes the form of an official state policy. What? I fear I’ll hear you cry. Well some things are so obvious we are wont to overlook them, and I contend that; The belief that we are better than murders. Demonstrably so, because we don’t go around chopping bits of people without regard for their wishes simply because we disapprove of their thoughts/actions/looks/what have you, Is one of those beliefs we take for granted. I know I do. Now were we to start harvesting kidneys and such from lifers we would be eroding the basis of that belief. Not only by descending to around their level. But, and this is possibly even more corrosive to our sense of wellbeing, by denying them a chance, to donate their organs as an act of recompense, by the refusal of which they do so much to secure us in our sense of superiority.
  5. fool

    Onboard Sata Vs. Pci Sata Controller

    Well, the P4P deluxe has an ICH5R southbridge, upon which the Sata channels are independent of the PCI bus. The A7N8X Deluxe however uses a silicon image chip which is hooked onto the PCI bus. Will that make a difference? Well, what else are you using on the pci bus?
  6. fool

    CASE? ... gonna build PC for nephews

    About the firewire, before you get the soldering iron out have a look at Front X, they may well have the cable you're looking for.
  7. fool

    RAID 5 drive sizes

    well you could add a larger drive, but you'd only get to use 18 Gb of it. See the SR reference guide for this and more, oh so very much much more.
  8. As a general rule the larger a fan is the more air it will move for a given RPM. So were you to use a 92 mm fan instead of an 80 mm one you should be able to achieve the needed airflow running the fan at a slower speed and therefore lower noise level. Note though that the particulars of a fans design can more than outweigh this. So a 92mm fan with an inherently noisy design may well be louder than an inherently quiet 80mm unit, even though the 80mm unit would be spinning faster. The 92mm panoflo that spod mentioned is a quiet fan so, were you to get one of them, you’d be getting the benefit of both the larger size and the good design. Also, manufacturers dBa ratings should be taken with a healthy pinch of salt. Much as with bicycle weights and loudspeaker sensitivities there is a lamentable tendency for manufactures to economise on the truth.
  9. I think the best thing you can do is find someone else to build the new computer
  10. fool

    *UNOFFICIAL* AMD road map...

    Roadmaps; the rules 1. If it doesn't say Michellin, Rand McNally(sp?), or Ordinance Survey on the cover its not worth the paper or phospher its diplayed on. 2. Unless a product is either available to buy or has a release date not further away than one month it does not, to all intents and purposes, exist. (guess who thought they'd have been using a hammer for a while now )
  11. have you seen the Asus kt600 board? A7V600 anandtech have a review in which IIRC, they say the onboard sound is in the same ballpark as the MCP-T, you also get sata and a passive northbridge cooler out of the box.
  12. fool

    Dream Car

    Bristol Blenheim? (that's what the pic says, fool) I thought that was a WW2 bomber... Bristol used to make planes (including the Blenheim), when WW2 ended they started on the cars.
  13. fool

    Dream Car

    when I wake up I'm sure I'll agree woth you. Until then, so what?
  14. fool

    Dream Car

    Blenheim Speedster
  15. fool

    What's in your CD player right now?

    Further to what Occupant just said. Check out Emy lou Haris and Willie Nelson and too many other people to mention/remember. WRT Third Eye Vision, Life is a blast when you know what6 you're doing.... Top notch album, and if you lijke that you really should do yourself the favour of checking out, 93 ‘til infinity & no mans land by souls of mischief, fear itself by casual and whatever it was called by extra prolific. Oh yeah, JB live at the Apollo, which volume? And, I've always felt that the interplay between the horns and the piano was the unreasonably good stuff on kind of blue. Happy Listening