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  1. I had 2 75GXP's I managed to get 1 returned and got back the 120GXP, the other one, IBM refused to take back since it was OEM... I sine then learned that anything is better than IBM... I got me one of those 120 GB WD JB and it's humming along quite well... my Seagate runs like a rock. That thing is bad-as*, I love it.
  2. My 120gxp 80gb runs 24/7 in a tower, well venelated, almost free from dust, has a 300watt Power supply from antec...(dunno if its a good one)... suddenly last night when I came home I noticed a high pitch spinning noise emanatting, I thought it was my trusty Segate Cheeta but nope, it was my IBM 120GXP.... well for now I'll keep it running and see if it will die.... damn its noisy
  3. Can any IDE HD burn a cd, zip 4 files, download a 100MB file, install 3 big games, and play a game all at the same time without a slow down in anything? -------------- provided that your CPU doesn't slow down, ... holding all other variables constant... no chance in hell.... you may want to consider SCSI... I have done some hard work on SCSI Cheetah's and they get their butt's worked out, but the CPU never crawls over 4 percent load... all the work is done on the scsi card... so it would then give your cpu the ability to do other tasks like play a game while the harddrives are busy copying or whatever..
  4. IBM is looking at the DFT logs and is refusing to take the drive back, they tell me that 6 errors on the disk is so small and inaignificant. They tell me that it does not take up any disk space. I say BS...does someone know where I can get a DFT log analyzer, I have to see this myself...
  5. dillusiv

    Help hard drive failure question

    get boot disk and copy... run scandisk to check for bad sectors and so it can copy the data out of the bad area...
  6. even after 120GXP reviews, people will still buy it... even though they know IBM has had failures on 60gxp, 75gxp, travelstar. The individual is not an individual.. he/she is a traped consumer... unable to move else where... idiotically attached to a company that offers them sh*t, completely stuck on IBM because they think they will get great performance and hope they won't be the suckers with a defective drive.
  7. dillusiv

    Please review "notebook" drives!

    I'll give you one... goto Dell, click on support, goto insprion harddrives... read all the sh*t about the IBM travel star drives... clicks clicks clicks clicks... lockup... I've got one.. .. its loud as hell.. It's embarassing to carry into the library to do school work... I can hear its high winding pitch... louder than my 75GXP (2 of which are fsck'd up).. and this of course is normal... as described by Dell... psssh I've had it /w IBM they cost me huge $$, and all I get back is sh*t sometimes the cheapest things are still better.
  8. I got 2 of these, 1 of them I can't return since I made the mistake of buying it online, the other I bought from a local store and I have wonderful wonderful thankful warranty. since they both have bad sectors, I'm wondering should I return it to IBM to get another 75GXP? Thoughts and comments appreciated.
  9. if I have a 75gb 75gxp, and I send it back.. will I likely get a worse drive?even though it's working and has 1 small bad sector, should I consider keeping it?
  10. dillusiv

    Critique My Resume

    Sorry to hear that SR is going down... I certainly hope your new careers will lead you to a path of prosperity and happiness. another note, I just registered today (having been a reader for many years). And I've always wanted to say this. There is this person who goes by the name of "Chris". This guys chatter tells me his is just material, egotistical, biased towards his own reasoning, and certain cocky. His own reasoning appears to justify his sense of rightenousness. And he uses his material accomplishments as means of justifying his words. He thinks he's good, and I'm sure he is good with what he has set as his goals (his confident writing style tells me). But I don't think Chris has any place on this topic, he lacks sympathy and understanding towards what others have, and this topic definately is not where Chris belongs. I don't care if he offers you a job, but to have someone like that talk to you ... Chris... you are a disgrace. I don't care if you support the worlds economy with your power. You're attitude reminded me how I once was, it would rub off on people, it would annoy others, it seems to lurk out the innocent, it would infringe on the people who have warm hearts... you are nothing but an annoying maggot, STFU.
  11. dillusiv

    SR closing permenantly 1/28/02...

    Isn't there anything some of us can do? Such as host it on another box?
  12. dillusiv

    IBM Deskstar 75GXP, and Travel Star

    People have been saying that setting up IBM 75 GXP on a raid is bad. How is this so? I've been wondering what is the cause, the IDE raid should be handling how data should be written, and it's simply up to the hard drive to write data. I have (er. had) my 2 75gb 75gxp's on a promise raid fasttrak/100 for storage purposes, the raid caused all sorts of weird issued under ext2 filesystem... just writing, deleting, renaming files would cause fsck to return inode problems. Thanks
  13. Hi all I'm the most unliky person. I have a dell Laptop with an IBM travelstar drive, diagnostic shows that the travel star is good... but well this thing clicks, clicks, clicks, clicks... moment of silence... clicks, clicks... locking up my laptop... Dell laptop users /w IBM drives know this well. I also own a 75gb 75GXP, 2 of them... costing me 700 bucks (sucks to be me). Both have bad sectors.. but surprisingly have been running over 1 year. I managed to get one of the drives to be approved by the RMA process, after reading, I wonder if it's risky to send the 75gxp back, I may get an even worse drive. Also, I have bad sectors, as indcated by DFT, but now for the 3rd time running DFT, when I try to locate the bad sectors they are gone, I know IBM has some sort of bad block mapping that records the location of the bad sectors, but could someone please tell me a utility that can bypass this, I want to know how many bad sectors I have, and how much space I have lost. Thanks