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  1. lec

    ICH10R RAID5 silent data corruption

    The problem is as you say silent, the only way to detect this is to keep hashes of the file. Watch the ultimate ZFS tutorial if you would like more information on it. it's long but very interesting. http://chihungchan.blogspot.com/2008/10/ul...l-in-video.html
  2. lec

    ICH10R RAID5 silent data corruption

    I had similar issues with running software raid5 on FreeNAS, after that occurance I've absolutely refused to use a file system that doesn't have the ability to deal with this, hence I have been running ZFS on my file server for several months now.
  3. lec

    Your Favorite Model Drive

    quantum bigfoot
  4. lec

    Is storagereview dying?

    I get that but... what is preventing the reviews and news from appearing? is it money or time? I'd hapily donate a small amount of either to have the site updated more regularly. Hell the users here are swimming in enough kit to lend it to eugene for reviews if they wanted.
  5. lec

    Is storagereview dying?

    I asked about this a little while ago, the whole situation annoys me because it's not really stated, if I started sending hdd's to eugene would he bench them and add the results? Surely the news could be updated more? Is it just a matter of having more editors with the time?
  6. Through a wall, no, In another room with the door closed, probably not.
  7. Okay got home and powered up the 4 disc model I have. Even on the low setting it's quite noticable, it's not however a high pitched or annoying sound, it's a rather low hum/woosh. Okay to live with but I wouldn't want to sleep next to it. I'm not sure what the 3 disc model would be like, probably very similar. Definately not for a HTPC but if it was for a home server it's certainly alot quieter than proper stuff from IBM/HP/etc
  8. I think the main reason he was looking at options like this was becuase he wanted the fan. From memory the Addonics stuff has a fan hi/low switch, I'll plug one in tonight when I get home and tell you how loud it sounds. I was quite impressed with the price / feature set of the cages they offered.
  9. http://www.addonics.com/products/raid_system/ae4rcs35nsa.asp
  10. lec

    Intel X25-M Impressions

    You couldn't pay me enough to run Symantec's piece of crap. Give AVG a try; I've got two Vertex drives deployed at work, AVG is on both systems, I haven't had any issues. And despite the apparent assertions of some people in this thread, they have made a significant, tangible positive difference to system speed and responsiveness. If they prove to be reliable, every machine I build from here on out for work will be getting either indilinx-based MLC or good SLC SSDs. I should note that this was the corp edition so it just sits in the background and is generally unoffensive and does its job this is NOT the consumer version which I also dislike. personally I think AVG is way too ugly (these are design people..) What would you recomend that has had at least a minimum amount of effort spent on it's interface design?
  11. lec

    Intel X25-M Impressions

    Just deployed a vertex SSD to a customer in an architectural firm the other day. The SSD made SAV v9 die and crash the computer. After removing that it was stable (have to look into other AV applications..) Customer is happy so far, Revit and Autocad load significantly faster, his most pleasant moment was making a PDF using adobe acrobat writer and just having it come straight up on the screen instead of the usual 10 seconds of disc churning before it appears. he uses his computer usually 10+ hours a day, so far he is more productive... it's probably money well spent in his case. All the other componants are so cheap now you can buy a really high perfoming PC with an SSD for $1500 (AUD so probably 1000 USD). I'll migrate his email over soon and ask him about outlook performance
  12. lec

    7200.12 1TB or WD Green Power

    Personally all my purchasing decisions in this arena come down to figuring out the cheapest cost per a megabyte and then buying that. Currently running 4x 1.5TB seagate drives with no issues. Do you have a target for space you need? performance? If they're going to be on 24x7 with a low duty cycle i'd probably go for hte ones that used the least power if they were price competative.
  13. lec

    Crucial 64GB Solid State Drive

    Currently, Only Intel (x25M) and OCZ (with their new vertex line) sell the only two worthwhile consumer drives out there. Do not buy a Jmicron based MLC SSD. You will ultimately be disappointed. F I thought the samsung SLC's were also acceptable (especially for a laptop) ????
  14. lec

    Intel X25-M Impressions

    Ah, here is your problem, removing the pagefile will reduce performance.
  15. Signature updated, also as far as the windows platform goes I've had 0 problems with them, they've been stable and easy to use.