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  1. Could someone explain this........... I have just updated from a Soyo Dragon+ KT266, Athlon 1600+, to a Soyo Dragon Ultra Platium KT400, Athlon 2400+. Instead of reinstalling WindowsXP Pro, I just swaped the boards and CPUs. Thinking that both boards are about the same. Also I wanted to see if WindowsXP would freak or not. Worked with out a flaw. My system was alot faster, thinking W0W!! 600MHZ of CPU power really dose make a differants. I went strait into quake3 and started playing. I noticed that my map load time was alot faster too, beating most everyone to the nextmap. Well I got to thinking about it and desided to get out and run ATTO just for kicks. I just knew it was going tobe about the same as allways, 12mps read and write with write cache enabled, or 12mps write and 40mps read with write cache disabled. Not so this time, with write cache enabled I got 47mps write and 56mps read. Whoa!! all that from a MotherBoard change....WOOHOO!!! Well thats just great, I finally get my performance from my Quantum Atlas 10kIII and Adaptec 19160 SCSI setup. Well I #&$@ed up today, I installed the new VIA Hyperion drivers and left the check mark by the IDE PCI bus driver. oops..I get click Happy sometimes....Now I'm back down to 12meg's per second read and write..#$*@$( I don't really know if that is the cause or not. But it worked fine till I installed that damn IDE driver. Later this week I'm going to reinstall my old MB and CPU, reformat, and change back to my new MB and CPU. Just to see if it was just dumb luck or not....hehe worth a try right...I'll post agin to let ya know..