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    Benchmark not what I was hoping for. RocketRAID :(

    HighPoint's Cards tend to be very weak on IOPs @ 4k. I just installed their flagship card ( RocketRAID 4520 ) into my new server, and ran a bunch of benchmarks. Under 64K there was absolutely no performance gains from adding additional drives to the Array. I was using Samsung 840 SSD drives, and tried them in raid 0 for single drive, 2 drives, 4 drives, 6 drives. Already contacted HighPoint and they said they are working on a firmware update and are aware of the issue. Even though the speed at 4K is weak, HighPoint makes very reliable cards. I have been running a 4310 in my current server with absolutely no issues to speak of for 3+ years. If you want to see my benchmarks, I have them posted on my blog. http://blog.whitesites.com/HighPoint-RocketRaid-4520-Raid-Card-SSD-Benchmarks-and-Review__634970435822376484_blog.htm
  2. I installed a HighPoint RocketRaid 4520 into my server, and put 6 Samsung 840 SSD on it in raid 0. The low end performance was terrible using ATTO. You can checkout the full review and benchmarks here http://blog.whitesites.com/HighPoint-RocketRaid-4520-Raid-Card-SSD-Benchmarks-and-Review__634970435822376484_blog.htm