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    storage for cheaper rate

    Hello! This is my first post! I see there a quite a few forums on where to get some good storage systems that aren't too pricey. I would check out That website has so many different types of storage that will compress your data without deleting anything. What's also cool about it is that most storage products are pretty pricey if you compare it to HP, Dell, Oracle, but infortrend has really good deals. They are the cheapest and has the same functions as the name brands. Some features are ZFS and data self-healing, compression, deduplication, snapshot, pool mirror etc. Check it out! You might find something that you'll like! =)
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    Suggestion for mass storage solution?

    Hello! This is my first post! This is to neilson, sounds like you take a lot of pictures and need more space! There are products out there that can compress your data into smaller spaces so that you don't need to delete them since you need them for work. I suggest looking at They have some pretty awesome products that can compress data and they run the same exact thing as HP, Dell, IBM uses but at a WAY CHEAPER price. Seriously. I definitely recommend the EonNAS products. Take a look and you might find something that you'll like. =)