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  1. No, you were right, they did drop ram drive support. This is unsupported I think. No big deal. Awesome! thanks mph! I'm going to try this out. I'll let you all know how many milliseconds it takes my quake to load.
  2. I tried download.com and found one utility but it was shareware 35$ . I had not tried file planet but that is all game stuff. I have not however tried majorgeeks.com :wink: *goes there now*
  3. New promise ide raid enclosure with scsi/something/ide bridge holds 8 drives. Compatable with ata133. Does raid 0/1/5 and the promise rep at macworld said 50. He said it could move 40megs/second reads and rebuild a drive in 3 hours on an 8 drive raid 5. If you had 8 160 gig drives in there doin raid 50 you'd get 960gigs ultra redundant. Would be good for a movie library no? I saw these things on pricewatch for 1700$(2800$ at macworld). They look reeel cool too, they have 2 60mm fans per drive on the back and a redundant powersupply, lcd temp/status monitor and a serial hookup you can run to a comp so the thing can page/email you if a drive fails. but cheep cheep cheep $$$?! damn, I dunno. I'm just wondering if it's got any major flaws and also wondering exaclty how this works, I've not found much technical information on it.
  4. hmmm, even at 20MB/sec price/performance is right. Seems like it would make a good movie server. Where are you getting/how are you getting your information though? A terabyte of redundant storage for under 5 grand seems like a deal to me even if it is slow.
  5. Dang, yall need the links I forgot. http://www.promise.com/Products/UltraTrak/...ata%20Sheet.pdf http://www.promise.com/Products/UltraTrak/...duct_Launch.pdf
  6. ^sm@ck

    Show me your MFLOPS thread

    1063mflops > p3/733@800 :oops: *blushes* ..acording to sandra 2k1
  7. ^sm@ck

    760MP vs 760MPX mobo?

    Holy crap I just totally missed the question didn't I? Ya I think it's worth waiting for the mpx. It performs better! Actually who's waiting? It's out on pricewatch now go check! Type in 'dual asus amd' and go to the last page.
  8. ^sm@ck

    760MP vs 760MPX mobo?

    I've been asking myself for sometime wether or not it would be benificial for me to upgrade to a dually amd setup. I've been contemplating the many differences between getting a dual asus and getting a 8kha+. First off if I went dual asus I'd have to go all registered because I'd want more than 512megs ram. Second if I got dual it would cut my gaming power by 10%(in my estimation) because it would be less tweakable and already performs slightly less compared to a kt266a chipset in games. smp would not work well(if at all) for any games that I play(mostly fps) but tons of q3. I could use the duallies for many things though. Like divx encoding! oh baby that would be sweet... and rendering/compiling which I do frequently. There is also the l33t factor to be considered. No usb on the asus blows bigo time though. Figure I'd need a nic/vid card/wintv in all three 32bit pci and a 29160(need to get) in the 64bit. My vid card hsf(pal15) would block out the first pci slot. This would leave me zero room for a usb pci card. Hopefully there will be other optoins for dual amd besides asus/tyan soon. Also the price of duallies would be much more $$$ which plays into it pretty big considering I'm trying to get a car right now. I'm in the same boat as you modoc.... can't decide.