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  1. Looking to buy one but cannot find any information on wether it makes a big difference when running in a raid 5 config. I figure someone here has experience with the two. I'm also trying to figure out wether these things support online raid expansion(I think that's the correct term). Example: I have 3 drives on it in raid 5 and want to add a 4th, would I have to destroy my raid to do it?
  2. From the 7000 series FAQ.. damn that really sucks. I guess you gotta plan ahead because it's not easy to backup 2terabytes when you want to upgrade to 4 is it?
  3. I'd not realised there was a technology difference between the two a couple minutes ago. The 7850 features R5 technology that is supposed to provide 500% better write performance in raid 5 configs relative to the 7810. So the question still stands but I'm changing it to. Does it really make a 500% difference. . I guess if I got one and was doing raid 5 I'd have to get the 7850. Agreed?
  4. Crucial Part #: CT64M64S4D75 http://www.crucial.com/store/listmodule.as...=168%2Dpin+DIMM I'd like 100$ each for them. If your interested email me at sabonz@myrealbox.com .
  5. TH7II or P4T-E P4/2.4 oc'ed as far as she'll go. 2GB Samsung RDRAM TI4600 oc'ed as far as he'll go.
  6. I'd always thought the whole 8 hour a day power on issue was bs. I do wonder though... if they fail if left on 24/7 like that.
  7. ^sm@ck

    Need to QUIET / silence a Server

    Dynamat smells a little funny but a couple small squares on each panel and a piece on the bottom would do a lot to dampen vibration and wouldn't really smell that much. Dynamat isn't for noise it's for vibration/stopping rattling which leads to noise so it might stop a little of the grumble of the scsi drives. You could also park it in a corner and get a noise curtain http://www.illbruck-sonex.com/ they make them for many applications. http://www.mcmaster.com/ you can buy it there. I have no personal experience with the noise containment curtains. They have lots of information on their site.
  8. ^sm@ck

    Dowloading whole site?

    Oh.. you posted seconds before me. Guess that makes my last post more stupid than funny. Anywho I'd like to know if there is a good utility like this too. It would be nice to be able to get screen shot galleries for new games and funny picture galleries.
  9. ^sm@ck

    Dowloading whole site?

    So it's a 'tutorial' eh? *cough* pr0n *cough*. :wink:
  10. ^sm@ck

    Anyone tried Trillian?

    Trillain is win! Just gotta take the time to configure the UI to your liking.
  11. I've currently got 2 80gig barracuda IVs. I was thinking about getting 2 more to do a raid 5 on a adaptec 2400a and boot off it. The additional two drives and the controller would run me around 680$ to my door. I'd probably want to get a 64meg stick of crucial for it too. I wanted to run it by you guys real quick to see what you think. I've read the sr review on the promise sx6000(crap), adaptec 2400a, and escalade 7850(I have no 64bit). The adaptec seems to be my best choise + I'm a bit of a adaptec fan. The performance looks like it would be better than a single ide drive in most things and a little better in most. I would very much appreciate any advice/input any would have.
  12. ^sm@ck

    Thinking About 4 Drive IDE RAID 5.

    Hmmm.. how poor is poor? What makes these drives poor in raid configurations? And what is better that is under 28dBA? I won't use a drive louder than that. :?
  13. ^sm@ck

    Thinking About 4 Drive IDE RAID 5.

    Yeah valid point jehh. Space/$$$ the math doesn't work out but physical space in my case is also an issue. I have a Coolermaster 110 so I have 7 3.5 bays. A 6 drive 0+1 to get the same space as a 4 drive raid 5 makes the extra 100$ for the raid 5 worth it to me. I really don't need crazy i/o just raw space though it can't totally suck(sx6000).
  14. ^sm@ck

    Which Gigabit ethernet card?

    I just got a pro 1000 T for 1337 factor. I'm happy with it but I only run it at 100mbits. Had to replace my cruddy linksys so I figured I'd get what I thought was the best. just my 30,000 yen...
  15. ^sm@ck

    How long have you gone without sleep?

    45 hours or so @ lan party.. had crazy halucinations and bad loss of fine motor control/black outs. When I woke up after 15-20 hours of sleep I had perfect memory of sleepwalking the night before with no pants on and saying some real stupid jibberish to my mom. not fun.
  16. Is there some sort of software that is good for this? I had backed up my mp3s once before at the 15gig mark and it was such a pain manually compiling the cds before burn. Also it was very inefficient because I would always have 25-75 gigs free on each one because I have a lot of large files in my collection. Oh yeah, I run windows XP. I'm aware of a couple titles but I want to know what is the best. Any input is much appreciated
  17. ya.. I'm sorta doing that now. I just copy the mp3s over to my second drive manually every now and then. I just want to do cds every now and then because I know that they are impossible to loose. My mp3 collection is very important to me.
  18. ^sm@ck

    Help Me Build A Computer

    One thing comes to mind looking at your proposed specs NRG. You must love your mom. :wink:
  19. ^sm@ck

    Who is your favorite mobo brand?

    ASUS Quality/Features/Overclocking
  20. I want to get a 36gig 10k III and am not sure what controller I will need. I don't want to waste money on some beefy controller I will never fully utilize. The 10k III is all that will ever be on it, no cd/dvd drives or external stuff. I was thinking about Adaptec AHA-2930U2 or Tekram DC-390U2. Would these be overkill? I just want a cheap/good quality controller that will handle but not bottleneck a 10k III. I'd appreciate any input
  21. pfff! *mumbles* I'm just going to get a 29160... Now I gotta go cable shopping
  22. What do you all think of the 2940U2W ? It's about 120$.
  23. ^sm@ck don't do ebay or generic. ^sm@ck does however talk in the third person now and then.
  24. Cool! I tried that microsoft program and it worked well. I was able to allocate 700megs to it and it just showed up as Z drive . I need to allocate a gig and weed out my q3 directory so I can copy the whole thing in, it's 1.9gigs currently. It wipes all the stuff on shutdown however. :? http://www.majorgeeks.com/article.php?sid=272 I'm going to try out this one today when I get home(I'm at work). It's supposed to copy your stuff back to the ramdisk on startup. It's shareware 35$ though, but oh well.
  25. I just got a major good deal on 2 x 512 meg sticks of crucial pc133. So anyways I have 1536megs of ram in my computer(2 x 256 crucial pc133 and 2x 512 same type) and I wanted to make a ram disk to load quake3 into. I've been having some trouble finding a good utility to do this. I know on my macintosh it was easy because it was a built in feature of the OS. Is there a good third party windows utility for this? I would like it to show up as a drive, or even a directory somewhere that would backup on shutdown and reload during startup. I figure I want to dedicate a good 768megs to it. I know m$ hasn't created one. http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...b;EN-US;q126381