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  1. Guys, I apologize if this comes off as very amaeture but I'm just starting my storage journey due to new hardware budget. I will be using Windows Server 2012 with Storage Spaces to allow us to use shared JBOD as clustered storage for our VMs. I am thinking of using this product since it is certified with storage spaces: DNS 1640 The speeds are amazing on this if its true My question how is this freaking possible? Let me show my mental walkthrough on this. 6 Gb HBA x2 = 12 Gb possible per server correct? But they are stating GB? 12 Gb / 8 = 1.5 GB even if you multiply that by different computers that still only 4.5 GB right? Even assuming no limitations on the hard drives you can move that data faster than the bottleneck of the HBA? Someone please show me where my math is off I feel very dumb not grasping this concept. I have not asked the company this because I dont know if I can trust their marketing and am asking here since you site has unbiased reviews. Thanks