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  1. What happens to a hard drive under water? Here is one story: Six Months Under the Sea
  2. This sure brings new meaning to the perennial question, "which hard disk drive should I use?" NASA Upgrades Supercomputer by Dave Raffo, News Editor, Byte and Switch The project included adding 600 Tbytes of disk connected to DataDirect S2A9550 SANs, 20 Sun StorageTek T10000 tape libraries, and 320 ports of 4-Gbit/s Brocade Fibre Channel switches. Columbia is now connected to 1.1 Pbytes of storage, including a 440-Tbytes SGI InfiniteStorage SAN installed when it launched in 2004. You can read the full article at http://www.byteandswitch.com/document.asp?doc_id=110393
  3. MixedMedia

    Stupid Question How do you Pronounce SATA

    Just wanted to vote for "Sah-tuh"
  4. Have you seen Seagate's press release for its Savvio ("Savvy" + "I/O") drive? Do you see a shift to a 2.5-inch standard? http://www.seagate.com/cda/newsinfo/newsro...21,2000,00.html
  5. MixedMedia

    Is it better to build your own PC?

    No, you can't build cheaper. Not the first time, anyway. Every OEMs gets better pricing than you'll ever get. So your first time build costs will be higher. But you save money in the long run when you start to upgrade. You generally can't upgrade an OEM system very far; so you end up having to buy a whole new system. But if you built your own system with upgrading in mind, you just have to get a motherboard and processor. Or maybe just a new video card, rather than a whole new system. So, no, you can't build your first PC cheaper, but you will build your next PC cheaper.