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  1. I would ask at
  2. You can also install a new copy of windows over the old one and then take ownership of the files on the disk with the new admin account.
  3. Kenneth

    82801ER SATA RAID on Windows x64

    I've heard of problems with this and I think you need to contact your vendor(hp) for either updated bios or an updated driver.
  4. Most video editing software is multithreaded. You would perfer dual proc dual core opteron system over one based on an single x2. HD video editing is pretty slow. The last time I checked, you would be best off with a good hardware video editing board. You are probably not disk bound.
  5. Kenneth

    Rackmount switch

    I think most new switches will be pretty reliable. I haven't noticed any difference in unmanaged switches. I expect the non-profit would be better off investing the price difference in other portions of their network.
  6. Kenneth

    what is the best cpu to buy ?

    I think he wants to eat the chip. I think he would perfer Lay's ...
  7. I tell people to quite running as admin/root and the vaste majority of viruses and other malware do work. I have only seen one virus on any system that I have ever used. It was an early macro virus. I run ETrust on computers that ras in from because it is required to connect. I always suggested disabling realtime scanning and I think scheduling av to run periodicaly is more than enough. I have not see any anti-virus program stop any of not recently. I know of no instances of av finding any of the notable worms or spyware in the last few years. I think running SpyBot periodicaly is far better protection than Norton.
  8. Kenneth

    Gigabit Switches

    This will work.
  9. Kenneth

    sata raid on a server

    The system would be used for nearline data backup from multiple sites. Very good system uptime is needed. I am expect the system to use two clustered servers and the backup server would be geographicaly isolated from the first. I am trying to weigh the how the second mirrored system impact the nessecary reliability I project needing about 300 GB initialy. I think it might need to scale to 2-3 TB in the first year. I expect the system to be networked bound and not disk bound. Files will be copied on and periodicaly copy off. The servers will replicate their data sets. The data will be pushed up in the background. Users will not access the system to find what data in on it unless it is the first connection to the server from that particular client system.
  10. I might be needing to store a large amount of data on a colocated server. The system would probably need to store more than a terribyte reliably. Does any know how sata backplane's effect sata reliablity for large arrays? I remember threads over poor ide/sata raid reliablity. Supermicro's barebones servers use Marvell 885X6081 8 port controllers. Any one have experience with them? I expect they are better they highpoint. has some much higher end external sata raid systems that expose themself as an Ultra320 device. These systems cost more then I would like to budget about $5000, and I think it would be cheaper to use scsi disks.
  11. Kenneth

    Terminal services: 2K or 2K3?

    For standard office use, I think you have enough processor. As for RAM, I think you need to consider adding more. To figure out how much ram you need add up the working set of the apps for each user. Outlook (32 megs min) IE ~12 megs a copy. Word 10 megs min Think 64 megs per active user. Plus at least 128 for the sytem.
  12. Kenneth

    Cell phone jammers gaining popularity

    Sorry, it is already planet wide. What is GPS?
  13. Kenneth

    Red Sox beat the Yankees.

    I can't stand watching baseball, I would love to see the Red Sox eliminate the Yankees. The game is typically so boring.
  14. Kenneth

    Windows 2003 Out of the Box Security

    How many driver get into accidents because thier cell phone is more interesting than driving? How is this any different?
  15. Kenneth

    Best upgrade path from Pentium III?

    You can not compare buses on clock speed alone. AMD doesn't have a traditional processor bus. The 900 Mhz mac bus is actually two 32bit 450 Mhz unidirectional links that are double pumped. AMD and Intel's current buses do not run at 400 Mhz. AMD doesn't have a front side bus. The memory controler is on the chip. AMD's hypertransport design is very different. The G5 systems from Apple use the bus that AMD designed. Intel's processors are run at 200 Mhz and it is quad pumped. The G5 has far better bus than the G4, and competative with Intel and AMD for the first time in a long time. Buy a G5 for the overall system design. Buying it for a bus that you don't understand is unwise.