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    RAID 0 (Stripe) ARRAY Status Failed Problem

    Thanks dietrc70. QueTek came good after I managed to work out the correct RAID Array parameters (using ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery). Got all data back, rebuilt array, re-installed Windows and now up and running again. Excellent advice!
  2. I have a Dell Studio XPS 435 MT desktop PC (Vista HP 64 Bit, I7 CPU, 8 GB RAM bought in 2006) running Intel Matrix Storage Manager to provide RAID 0 (Stripe) with two 500 GB SATA hard drives. Yesterday a friend tried to add a USB3.0 PCIe card to the mobo and the PC subsequently threw a wobbly and refused to start, displaying the Status of Failed for the RAID array. The two volumes are displayed as Volume 0: Member Disk and Volume 1: Non-RAID disk which doesn't sound right. From what I can tell the two hard drives are Ok but probably have corrupt files meaning that the array setup has been damaged in some way. From my own limited knowledge of RAID I believe there is no option to rebuild the array with this RAID choice. Does anyone know of any way I can get the data off either one of these disks? Would it be feasible or even possible to run chkdsk /r to try and fix the corrupted files that were damaged after the failed hardware card install? Unfortunately, there is a lot of data on the drive(s) that has never been backed up! Any advice / suggestions gratefully received.