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    Build it or go to the cloud?

    Secure SCP would be the way to go. Setup a small Linux appliance that has access to the data and scp over ssh using WinSCP. It is up to you to tell us how reliable your home solution is. I used to have a home connection with no outage for 2 years straight. Setup your server, router, and switches on an UPS. Not worth it. 1. It is too costly. 2. Transferring all that data in an out is going to be a pita. My overall recommendation is to get a portal drive that has a copy of the data. It is only 2TB. Then use something like the free Crashplan app or Synctoy to keep that data in sync with the data on the server. You can even sync while being remote.
  2. flexraid

    2X3TB Red vs 4TB Black

    I personally have had great experience with WD Black drives. That said, as capacity increases, RAID become important. The larger the drive, the greater the chance of datarot along with read errors. So, I would go with the 2x3TB drives and RAID them for protection.