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  1. zipcube

    LSI Nytro WarpDrive BLP4-400

    The blp4-400 is eMLC and it does have power fail protection. As far as I'm aware no lsi controller supports trim. I have several available over in the SR marketplace.
  2. 5 available, these are new in box Sun/Oracle F40 cards, they are rebranded LSI Nytro Warpdrive BLP4-400. 512gb (400gb usable) eMLC flash on an x8 pcie 2.0 card. Asking $3k each. I also have 2 older unused F20 cards available. Oracle page: LSI page:
  3. zipcube

    Which OS to install on SGI Indigo 2

    As for the GIMP and various other GNU stuff, check out their freeware site which has tons of stuff precompiled in Software Manager format: I'm going to have to add my 2 cents here and say that using such a machine as a webserver would be a terrible tragedy. Even my old PI 4d/30 superturbo is fun to use for basic gfx stuff.
  4. zipcube

    Which OS to install on SGI Indigo 2

    There is not much question that you should be running IRIX on that unit. While *BSD and Linux will run, the vast majority of the unit's special hardware are not supported. Even recent versions of IRIX (6.5.16) are fairly easy to purchase on eBay. As for the power, it should be a non issue with an R4400 based Indigo2. At various times. I've had several Personal Irises, an Indy, an O2, and an Octane. The only unit that draws a lot of power is the Octane with its 800 watt power supply (which it seems to turn into nothing but heat).