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    Is the SR reliability database not up to date?

    A follow up on the 7200.10 (=ES) story. I heard from the vendor that they are replacing a few of those drives a week. Replaced with WD drives. Sad that the SR database doesn't reflect that. BTW, what up with Seagate? Once they made great drives (I still have the 7200.7 200GB in use) and now this fiasco? I needed a few 250GB hard drives recently for back ups and purchased used Hitachi 250GB ones similar to that I use and have great experience with. Buying a new drive now sounds like a hit and miss.
  2. friendly_jacek

    The Fall of StorageReview

    Yes, I can see how it can take some time to enter the data. However, we need data from power users just like you to keep the database relevant. At least enter 12 ES.2 drives including one bad for a representative sample of your drives.
  3. friendly_jacek

    The Fall of StorageReview

    It would be great if all the members updated info in the reliability database: We need more entries on newer hard drives. Please enter all the drives you have or had both good and bad. This resource is great and we need to support it.
  4. friendly_jacek

    Is the SR reliability database not up to date?

    Thanks, I did not know that. I entered the drive in. There are not enough entries in the newer drives to show reliability. We see asterisks instead. This makes the database useless for newer drives. If the Admin is reading this I would recommend showing the reliability numbers even if sample numbers are low with a disclamer (maybe except for the sample size less than 5 when it could be misleading).
  5. Hi, I have been using the SR database since 2004 and entered all my HD (good and bad). I just has a failure of Seagate 7200.10 (250GB SATA) at work and wanted to enter that, but there is no a choice in the database for 7200.10 or newer Seagate drives. It's a shame that this great database is not being updated for newer drives. Is there a reason for this?
  6. I think there is a class action suit. Can you jump on the bandwagon?
  7. friendly_jacek

    The demise of this great web site!!!

    An idea. Get the HD reliability database working and selling access to it just like Consumer Reports sells its databases. Should bring some revenue; I should get 10% for the idea ;-)
  8. friendly_jacek

    Western Digital/IBM question

    Right on the target! That is exactly why modern WD drives last only several weeks to couple of months.
  9. friendly_jacek

    WD400BB is a piece of f.... sh....!!!

    Tek, If you think that I am the only one with this story, get real. Regards
  10. friendly_jacek

    Western Digital WD800BB Xfer Rate

    Diskdriven, Are you curious why WD drives are so cheap? Well, they are cheap drives. has some feedback from owners. I used to be one of them, too. Never again!!! Better harry up to back up your WD in time!!!!
  11. 2/2 died on me in 3 months. :cry: See WD site for more horror stories. Anybody should be warned against buying WD drives. Does anyone know how to start a class action litigation or to force a recall?
  12. friendly_jacek

    WD1200JB & WD1200BB?

    Aren't you guys afraid of buying WD...BB drives? They are failing left and right. I went through 2 WD400BB in 3 months and do not want hear about WD anymore :x
  13. friendly_jacek

    40GB : D740X vs 60GXP vs WD400BB vs 'Cuda ATA IV ?

    Helldiver, Forget about WD400BB. They are falling as quickly as you install them, if you can install at all. Check for all kinds of horror stories. My personal experience? Two brand new WD400BB died on me within 3 months of light use. First lasted 2 weeks, a replacement 2 months longer (yes, I used drive cooling). :x I feel a civic duty to warn anybody against buying WD drives. I wish I was a lawer and I knew how to start class action litigation! :wink: