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    If a hard drive goes bad how do I physically know which...

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  2. Hi y'all. I've got seven 3.5” hard drives & one 2.5” SSD in my tower. I uploaded a pic showing them in Windows Explorer. If a hard drive goes bad how do I physically know which hard drive it is so I can eventually remove it from the tower? I was gonna remove all the SATA power connectors, except for (C: ) & reinstall them one by one, noting each hard drive's model # & serial #. (I do not have RAID set up; just individual drives.) Thank you. minor 2nd problem: When I hit spacebar to bring my PC out of sleep mode, it attempts to start up again with the fans spinning & fan LED lights on but it immediately shuts down or goes back to sleep mode. I believe it goes back to sleep mode because I had to hit the power button on the tower to make the PC run again & the screen said something like “resuming Windows”. But before I hit the power button I noticed no small blue light blinking, which is usually blinking when in sleep mode. I recently installed a HighPoint SATA 6.0 Gb/s card & five more 3.5” hard drives into the tower, but I believe this problem only began after installing the extra five hard drives. (Originally I had only the SSD & two 3.5” hard drives in the tower. Now on the HighPoint card is my SSD with Windows 7 on it & three hard drives. Remaining hard drives are connected to the SATA 3.0 Gb/s ports on the mobo.) I doubt it's my SeaSonic 850 watt PSU but who knows. I've only one video card GTX 560 Ti.
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