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    Advice Needed on Broken RAID5 Array

    Your drive still might be fine. I used to have a 1820A and it was kind of finicky about power outages. Try erasing the drive using the drive utilities and running diagnostics. If it checks out, its probably ok. In my experience, the Highpoint utility would never import a drive that had simply dropped from the array without erasing the drive first. After that, you should be able to plug the disk (or your new disk back in), start up the PC, and tell the card to use the blank drive to rebuild the array. I don't recall having to delete the drive from the array or anything like that.
  2. That Tekram card is Silicon Image FakeRAID using a 3124-2 chipset. With that in mind, you'd be just as well off using the onboard SATA ports in your server.
  3. lizardking009

    RocketRaid 2300 vs 2310 [PCIe x1 vs x4]

    You're thinking of the 2322, not the 2310.
  4. lizardking009

    PSU Recommendations, please!

    I have generally had good luck with Zippy PSUs. Their 460w supply puts 32A on the 12V rail.
  5. lizardking009

    Hitachi first to announce 1TB drive

    That may be true, but that was part of the fiasco earlier for the IBM Deskstar 75GXP/60GXP era drives as you noted.Hence, paranoia still exists. Yeah, that was the point of my question, to get rid of the paranoia. I haven't touched a Hitachi/IBM drive in 5 years because of the 75GXP.
  6. lizardking009

    Hitachi first to announce 1TB drive

    Hopefully these drives are rated for 24/7 operation...
  7. lizardking009

    RAID5 fileserver recommendations

    Nothing definitive yet, but my P5W DH had some issues at install time... didn't detect the onboard network cards and some of the SATA controllers, etc. Nothing recent in the official Sun:s HW compatibility list either, so it's off to the forums for me. You're using Solaris 10 or OpenSolaris?
  8. lizardking009

    RAID5 fileserver recommendations

    What problems did you have with the C2D system? My new storage server will most likely be a C2D-based.
  9. lizardking009

    RAID5 fileserver recommendations

    jpiszcz, excellent HOWTO. Thanks. I didn't know that Linux RAID 5 arrays were growable yet! Is there a specific kernel version that you need to support it? Do you know if RAID 6 arrays are growable? Thanks!
  10. lizardking009

    Good hardware VPN/firewall

    I recently installed a VPN/Firewall setup that consisted of 2 Zyxel ZyWall 2 Plus's and 1 Zywall 5. It was trivial to set up and so far has worked extremely well. They're a little pricey just for play though.
  11. lizardking009

    Cases & Power Supplies for 16+ Drive Arrays

    Now that looks to be almost my ideal case as it has tons of room for future growth. Only bad thing is only a handful of US websites sell it and none currently have it in stock ( says it's in stock but when added to the shopping cart it says "The quantity you requested is not available at this time"). I have a bad feeling about checking what the shipping cost would be to get that monster directly from Norway... Now that's disappointing to hear. I was thinking about using that case for my future storage server. The only disadvantage to that case is that it is ATX, not EATX...
  12. lizardking009

    Cases & Power Supplies for 16+ Drive Arrays

    How about the Lian-Li PC-343B? Its $350 and has 18 external 5.25" bays. You could stick whatever 5in3, 4in3, or 3in2 bay device that you wanted. There is also a hardmount bracket for the rear of the case. As far as the PSU goes, its easy to find a PSU that will power 16 drives. Its hard to find a PSU that will do so without nasty splitters and a whole bunch of unneeded connectors to clutter your case. My advice here is to determine all of your other components then pick a PSU that will meet your needs and get it custom cabled. For example, the PC&C Silencer 610 should power that system with ease, assuming that you aren't building an SMP or SLI system. PC&C does custom cables, too. There are other shops out there that will do the same thing. I have a storage server build with a CM Stacker. I used a Zippy 700w PSU, no custom cabling, and hardmount 5in3 bays for 18 drives. Bad, bad idea. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that no drive fails until after I get my new storage server built as it will be a nightmare to dig out that drive. Hotswap bays are your friends in large drive situations, even for home use, even if you never plan to hotswap. The system is rock solid, otherwise... My wishlist for this kind of system: 5in3 SAS hotswap bays with expanders/daisy chain ability OR 4in3 SATA hotswap bays with drive fail/activity LEDs (or I2C for Areca) and multilane support...
  13. lizardking009

    Is anyone excited about Vista?

    I installed RC1 on my wife's new laptop - Turion X2, 1gb RAM. Likes My wife likes the new Aero Glass theme a lot. Its pretty much stable. Fast user switching for domain users. WPA 802.1x authentication actually works as like it supposed to. Drivers built in for everything on the laptop, including the wireless card. Dislikes I hate the Aero Glass look. Somewhat slow, even with Aero glass disabled. I'll admit that I haven't done much performance tuning yet. I'll probably install it when I build a new PC.
  14. **Knocks on wood** I have normal 250gb Western Digital HDs running in my storage server with no glitches. I suspect that good cooling is worth more than a "RAID-ready" designation.
  15. lizardking009

    More info of Areca TM-804?

    I'd love to be able to buy this, but I have found no pricing info or stores carrying it.