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  1. Huh? ...and by the way, it is Andrey ;=)
  2. Andrey

    Motorola V60c USB Modem Drivers

    e-mail me and i'll send you USB driver
  3. Andrey

    Motorola V60c USB Modem Drivers enjoy!
  4. I honestly believe it is none of your business to count someone else's money. If the person is willing to spend $700+ on the CPU, that's is their business. Remember, some people make 20x times more money than you, so $300 or $700 doesn't exactly make a huge difference to them. --Andrey
  5. Here are my HD Tach 2.61 results:
  6. I also have Seagate Cheetah 15k.3 running on Asus P4PE with P4-2.53Ghz and 1GB of DDR RAM. Let me tell you, this setup works! by the way, I'm running Windows XP Pro with SP1 and absolutely have no issue with performance.