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  1. Couple of questions to the NAS experts here. Relevant notes: My 4 bay gen 2 w/ droboshare died recently, and to be really honest it never worked especially well. Seemed like the droboshare was a hack of a solution at best and also some chronic power supply issues and what not early on. I use it mostly for backup but also to feed media to apple tvs and the like. I have 4 drives but none are the same size (no matched pairs.) I haven't played with RAID anything in a long time. Questions: Do RAID based NASs require matched disk pairs/sizes? Is there a clear leader in the mid-range consumer models? Has anyone played with a Drobo 5N yet? (looks like maybe it hasn't released yet) Looks sexy but feeling a bit burnt on gen2 troubles. Appreciate any feedback, pointers or reference! Seems like a good forum here.