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    Best option for under $1700?

    Oh yeah, I guess a hot spare wouldn't really be necessary with raid6. Do you have anything against raid10? I guess for currently only 4 drives it would have the same amount of redundancy. HHmm.. They would also have the same amount of space. Once I am up to 8 drives in there, I would be able to theoretically in a perfect world lose 4 of the drives with raid10 and still be OK. I havent seen the actual specs of the spindle speed for the reds. I read in a few places that they are only 5400 RPM. Is there a faster drive in my price range that has TLER? Thank you very much for your response.
  2. computationalerr

    Best option for under $1700?

  3. computationalerr

    Best option for under $1700?

    Hello everybody, My name is Chris. I am new to this board. I am an admin of a smallish photo lab in silverton oregon. This is one of the few sites that I have found that I actually think I can trust the reviews from. Its a great site. I am currently running two 8 bay Infortrend stardoms. They are DAS using IDE drives attached to the server via SCSI. I have this same setup for my backup also. All 4 of the arrays are about 2TB each. We primarily have small files. The majority of them are JPG's at 2-5 megabytes. Then I have millions of unicode text files that are all around 500kb. The servers have dual gigabit teams going to Netgear GS724t gigabit switches. The speed of this setup is acceptable. Definitely nothing terrific. We are running out of room quickly. I have a budget of about $3200 for two drive arrays to replace what we currently have. I am wanting about 6tb per array with room to grow. The top contender I am looking at is the Synology DS1812 with 5 - 3TB WD red drives. I am planning on either doing raid 10, or 6. More leaning towards 6. I will be using 4 in the array, then have the 5th as a spare. Synology does not offer raid 6 or 10 with a spare though, which is kind of odd. I have not really found any better alternatives for the price I need to stick to. Any thoughts or suggestions on what to look into would be greatly appreciated.