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    MD3000i and Samsung HDD

    Why would you want to use a desktop grade HDD in an enterprise grade storage unit? I'm assuming that if you have a MD3000i that it's not just being used in your home. I'm not sure I'd want to use this drive in a large RAID array. With consumer grade drives you sometimes run into issues with drives wanting to pop out of the RAID array and other annoying issues. This drive most likely doesn't support many of the features required in an enterprise setup. You didn't give much information so I'm just making assumptions.
  2. Hello all, I'm new to these forums but have been reading some of the topics on here to get some ideas and pointers. I'm hoping someone here can help me out with configuring a DAS unit for backing up or virtual machines using Veeam Backup and Replication. It needs to be capable of fairly high IO (nothing crazy) and high capacity (60+ TB). Here is our current setup: Dell PowerEdge 2950 40GB RAM Xeon E5420 Quad Core PERC H800 Controller Dell MD1200 SAS DAS (12 2TB 2.5" in RAID50) The Dell MD1200 is partitioned into a single 14.5 TB volume where backups are written to. We're most likely going to repurpose the MD1200 as a local cache unit for a cloud backup solution. Here is what I'm thinking of doing: 2x SuperMicro CSE-847E16-RJBOD1 90x Seagate ST1000NM0001 1TB SAS2 Drives (7200 RPM) Use the SAS expanders in the SuperMicro cases to daisy chain the two units together into the PERC H800 I wasn't sure about the PERC H800 and 3rd party storage units so I'd also be up for purchasing a new controller to drive this beast. My goals are high capacity, fairly high performance and high reliabilty. I don't want to be messing around with this unit all the time and worrying about it flaking out on me. Would I be better off abandoning the Dell server and making one of these units into a full blown server and then connecting the secondary unit into it? I feel like I'm leaving out some needed parts or missing something so please help me out. Thanks!