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  1. Hi. I picked up a WD MyBook Live Duo NAS device, the 6 terabyte version, from Amazon. I'm having some odd experiences with it. Namely: Backing up multiple Macs using Time Machine will create an initial backup for each, but then incremental backups run very slowly and fail, reporting a permissions problem. Whatever I name the device, another device with the same name but ending in "-backup" is created. I don't want that "[name]-backup" device. I can't delete or rename the Public share. Replicating a repository with rsync creates a number of circularly linked directories ("Repo" -> "iTunes" -> "Repo" -> "iTunes" -> content) before actually laying down data. The intended purpose of this NAS device is to do the following: Back up a directory on a 3 TB Thunderbolt disk on my 2011 4 GB Mac mini. Back up my Macs. At first, I was just going to send it back, but I did some post-purchase research and found out that: I can log into the device with ssh. Its OS is Debian Linux, hosting the full range of network services you would expect from embedded Linux. I can change configuration of services with vi, etc. I can run rsync on the device (see above). It's a LOT faster than I originally thought--I just created a 1.0GB file on my media server and while logged into the NAS device, ran wget and retrieved the file. wget reported 36.5 MB/sec. So it looks promising, except for the issues I outlined. I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts about overcoming these issues with reconfiguration, etc. I can always send it back and get something else. Thanks!